TRAINING questions that don't deserve their own thread

TRAINING questions that don't deserve their own thread


I had this idea the other day, @Christianmelon, I’ve just been busy, fight me.

I have a bit of specialization in the “This hurts, is it boneitis?” type questions given my studies in the field of physical therapy, so feel free to toss those my way as well (that said, I’m not a doctor, I’m not diagnosing you with shit, don’t interpret anything I say as professional medical advice)


Sweet, My shoulders tend to hurt when I actuly try to bench heavy, any suggestions for that?

No thanks. I am not fighting 400 pounds of anything, I’ve already found a 250 pound Hawaiian guy and learn how much weight class matters.(My brother birthday present)


Damn, I’m not sure if that’s a play on my username or an absolutely savage roast cause you’ve seen my IG.

Where in your shoulder does it hurt? Best if you draw the spot on a picture in Paint or similar (or on yourself in Sharpie), and I’d also like to know how deep it hurts.


What I always tell people is this… If you have pain, stop, something is wrong. Soreness is ok but pain is never OK.


Joke on the user name, I’m not particularly lean myself :P.
Moderately deep on the joint, actuly now that I think about it, it was likely due to my horrid form at the beginning(elbows pointed far outward)


A reasonable rule of thumb, but people in pain don’t want to be told to stop doing what they love, they want to be told how to get back to it without the pain. If all a medical professional had to do was go “ah, well then don’t do that,” my education would be a lot easier than it is


I’d have to either have a pretty good indication of where on the shoulder it is to say for sure (not that I can say for sure, being Not A Doctor), but you saying that it’s deep in the joint makes me suspicious.

With your shirt off, lift the affected arm over your head.

Grab that cord of muscle right in front of your armpit with a pincer-type grip.

Did you just jump out of your chair? If so, that’d be your pec minor, which shouldn’t really be involved with flat bench unless your form is shit, which you just said it was at first. Massage it, grip it tight with that pincer grip and hold for 60 seconds before releasing, heat it, ice it, and take 10 days off from benching while you do all this to pamper it and get it back to normal.

Dips REALLY inflame mine, I can’t do them without a pain deep in the shoulder “joint” but really the pec minor is just a muscle that feels deep.


I see that to a point but a lot of people instead of finding the exact problem and fixing it, they would rather put a Band-Aid on it so to speak and just mask the pain.


Jeff Cavaliere of AthleanX states to not go below 90 degrees when you bench…Also I would not only look at his videos on it but Joe DeFranco and this guy is great


Also…I have been doing a lot more rotator cuff exercises and utilizing the proper warm up before training…I used to have shoulder issues as well…and no more.


AthleanX is probably my favorite source for good lifting info. Here’s a sample of what I’ve used to start fixing my shoulders issues


There it is. The guy is great to listen to.