Training Programs

Training Programs


Is anyone running a 5 day a week program they are enjoying? Want to start something new but not sure what program to go with.


I have tons of them and I do programs online for clients.
Are you looking for anything in particular?
A certain bodypart that you want to super compensate?
PHAT Style?
Mostly upper body dominant or lower body dominant?
Or do you want an advanced Routine like a John Meadows Gamma Bomb, Task Master etc?


Nothing in particular. I just want a program I can look at and follow. I’ve kind of just been winging it here recently.


Basically been my program the whole time


[email protected]
Hit me up and just shoot me what you have been doing for the last 3-4 months
I’ll write you something tonight and get it to you. On the house


This is a six day program that CJ put together for Real Weights for Real Heroes last year:

Just leaving here in case anyone searches for stuff. Thanks to @TheSolution for being the man though!


Just sent, sorry took me 3 hours to write it.
Hope you enjoy man. Included instructions for each training block. Run #1 for 6 weeks and #2 for 6 weeks. I bet you will love it come week 6 of the 2nd block haha


What’s your normal going rate for program writing?


Preach it brother!