TOTALLY FREE Neutralize by Advanced Dietary Formulas //Try It FREE Before You Buy It!

TOTALLY FREE Neutralize by Advanced Dietary Formulas //Try It FREE Before You Buy It!


That’s right, you’re actually getting something for FREE! We are so confident in the formula we would like you to try it before you buy it. Neutralize was developed for consumers that are ambitious, health conscious and still want to have fun. Neutralize will not prevent intoxication.

We don’t need your credit card info, no shipping and “processing” fees, we’re not signing you up for a lifetime subscription for anything, you will not be billed later, there is no “quick survey” after this…

Again, we just want you to try Neutralize! Sign up for totally free campaign at and you’ll instantly receive email on how to secure a totally free blister pack. Free shipping and no credit card info required. Just free!

Neutralize reduces acetaldehyde, which is the main carcinogenic metabolite resulting from alcohol (ethanol) consumption. As a matter of fact, a key ingredient in Neutralize reduced acetaldehyde by 100% after 50mls of alcohol (ethanol) was consumed by human subjects compared to placebo.

P.S. Throughout the year ADF will launch multiple Totally FREE Sample Campaigns on our website.
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I ain’t sayin nothin, I’m just sayin drinking printer fluid also neutralizes ethanol


I would not advise drinking printer fluid. Neutralize targets the metabolism process of Acetaldehyde… I invite you to go to our website and look into the research performed. Better yet sign up for a free sample and test it out for free. If we did not believe in the product we would not want people to try it for free, including us paying shipping…

In a human clinical study in which a key ingredient in Neutralize was given to a group of men 1 hour before and 1 hour after ethanol ingestion, acetaldehyde concentrations were significantly reduced at 1, 2 and 3 hours post-ingestion, compared to control. At 1 hour, acetaldehyde levels were approximately 100% lower relative to control.


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I read Acetaldehyde not Ethanol.


My response was called a joke. Pretty common here


A really neato product, but a really niche market–drunks who care about minimizing carcinogen impact.

Can’t beat free, but I don’t drink.


Does it help lessen hangovers? I would focus on that over reducing carcinogenic potential. Give us some more info on the product, and what its benefits are.

I would argue it does


In agreement, by making criticisms, it opens up the conversation for more detailed info. You’re in the wrong forum if you think we aren’t looking at both sides here lol. To be honest though, your original post came across as an infomercial


We feel that a person who seeks a healthy lifestyle and someone who has to be very productive the next day after consuming alcohol is the target consumer and via Acetaldehyde Elimination. I think you can break down the product category by looking more into Acetaldehyde, it’s buildup in the body, and it’s elimination process.

What is Acetaldehyde?
The body can only metabolize certain amount of Alcohol (Ethanol is the Alcohol in your drink) per hour. Acetaldehyde is a harmful metabolite of Ethanol metabolism. The ability to metabolize Acetaldehyde varies from person to person. Acetaldehyde is highly responsible for how bad a person feels the next day.

How does Neutralize work?
Key ingredients in Neutralize works with your body’s natural Acetaldehyde detoxification process. Simply by increasing the Enzyme (ALDH) responsible for breaking down Acetaldehyde into acetic acid.

I encourage you to visit the website and review our FAQ or to learn more about the product. The reason for the free sample campaign is to put our “money where our mouth” is and provide the product at no cost to an interested party. What is better then a personal review at no cost we thought? We even pay shipping which most info-mericals don’t offer :slight_smile:


We understand criticism. We also understand the category of product has promised it all and often never delivers. I’ve never seen an infomercial that gives away free product and covers shipping before the consumer purchases.

If drinking printer fluid was a serious critique and should be taken serious, your critique is noted.


We do agree. Niche for this forum but not the general market place. Acetaldehyde also inhibits protein synthesis.


Everyone reacts differently to Acetaldehyde. For most people Acetaldehyde is responsible for how you feel the next day. Take a few minutes to research Acetaldehyde and the picture becomes a bit clearer.

We do understand the product will take some education and its the main motivating factor for giving away product for free. Don’t take our word for it take your word for it.


I myself don’t drink, my brother does but he can’t swallow capsules at all, the wimp.


Okay, I’ll bite. I drink like a fish :smiley:


Stay tuned!


Good deal! Shipped out today already. Please follow the directions and we look forward to your review.


Why straight L-Glutathione instead of NAC?

My pre/post drinking formula (not used so often anymore) is simply:

  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin C
  • NAC

I woulda loved this 10-15 years ago! Interested in the Pantesin / Pantethine.

And OP is correct. Accumulation of acetylaldehyde is what makes you feel like a dumpster (outside of dehydration and other things). Once you’re depleted of glutathione you gotta play the waiting game to generate more.