Time Under Tension Training (Super Slow Training) with CJ

In today’s video, CJ Woodruff explains Time Under Tension Training, also known as Super Slow Training: Why Do This? Because it’s different. There’s no “absolutes” in training — like CJ says, all types of training are great, so you should mix it up. If you’re never focusing on the negative, …
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I did Ben Pakulski’s Mi40 training routine. I really liked it. It’s tough but good and its real easy on the joints since you are not maxing out heavy weights and focusing on the stretch, hold, and tension. Good stuff for old guys like me…LOL

@Brawn hat were the results of the program? I’m curious, did you see any difference in your body with this type of training than any other? I’m still young so I’ll stick to the heavy weights for now LOL. Time under tension I feel I don’t have the patience for haha. But it does seem like a very good type of training.

Yes, I made good gains on it. I liked the exercises and the amount of volume in the program. I think its a great program for those who need to learn the proper form for exercises. Since you aren’t going as heavy and focusing on the negative, it forces you to keep good form. I will definitely do it again in the future.

I’ve recently focused on slowing down my lifts some more and definitely 100% feel a difference after my workouts. Being able to pump heavy weight quick is one thing, but doing it slow adds a whole new element to my training. I’m actually MORE sore by increasing time under tension, which makes sense.