Thoughts on Steel Supplements?

Thoughts on Steel Supplements?


Haven’t tried anything from Steel Supplements yet, due to their awfully high prices, but wanted to know if anyone had any sort of experience with it. Mainly Amped-AF or the ADA Bolic, but thoughts on any product are welcome


@Robert and @CJ did you try anything from them yet?

I don’t know anything about them, I know the guys who are selling the stuff to stores though.


James B. over there was supposed to be sending some stuff our way, but it never materialized. I’ll reach out to him again and see what’s up.

Aggressively stimmed products that are edgier, but dosing is pretty solid.


I myself do have experience with them. AMPED-AF will quite literally have you working out for 3 hours…@CJ would definitely love this. I’m stim tolerant but only ever do half of a scoop


I’ve reached out to them multiple times, never hear anything back. See them quite a bit on Dan Bilzerian’s IG stories lol


Steel and James parted ways. I thought briefly about buying for Suppz but the price is a little steep when compared to similar products.