This "Labz" Brand Epidemic is Reaching Critical Levelz

This "Labz" Brand Epidemic is Reaching Critical Levelz


  • Black Scorpion Labz
  • Centurion Labz
  • Chaotic Labz
  • Chiseled Labz
  • Condemned Labz
  • Explicit Labz
  • Famed Labz
  • Forbidden Labz
  • Generic Labz
  • Insane Labz
  • Killer Labz
  • Merica Labz
  • Moving Matter Labz
  • Psychotic Labz
  • SG Labz
  • Warrior Labz

…the list goes on. WTF??

Is the industry bubble this big that we can’t even come up with halfway decent brand names anymore? Can anyone explain this, outside of laziness?

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I bet many of those companies(besides Insane) don’t even have a “Labz” of their own.


Ha, I had just added that to the article we’re working on. Do you think they have lab coats and rigorous scientific research?!


The names appeal to millennialz


an effort to be hip and trendiez


Lab Coats with cutoffs…

Well, Famed Labz certainly has no “Labz”, Barthel simply prints shirts from his warehouse and has supplements shipped to him. Unless he really needs a “Labz” for his halfway-alright pre-workouts


The only one I trust on that list is Merica Labz because Doug Miller is the real deal! No BS from him and the Core Nutrionals team. Open labels, dosed properly and amazing flavors. What more could you ask for?


Does he have a real Labz?


No idea what having a real Labz means but he doesn’t produce his products in a bath tub LOL


problem is all these brands show up out nowhere practically with no credibility, most likely just trying to earn a quick buck in sup game.


I’m also puzzled by it.


Well…when your pop and drop company rolls out for a couple of months and then dips out, why bother being creative. Lazy, greedy scam artists just want to make a buck and demo the bridge they crossed after they do. There’s a only a couple of brands on this list that are reputable haha


Coming from the Marketing and Advertising side I can say that we spent the better of about 6 months to coin our brand name and considered over 30 names and variations to net the final result. The end product in terms of uniqueness and SEO quality is excellent however.


I call dibs on “Labs Labz”, none of you motor jammers better steal it.


I’m picturing someone that looks like rich piana in a lab coat with the sleeves off it, capping pills on a table full on powder for most of these brands. Ha


That’s fine I’m going with, " labz better than your labz" ha


I don’t think I have heard of most of those companies before…LOL


They are high quality but I don’t think the flavors are all that good. Tried 3 and disappointed in all of them.


Three flavors of what? Their whey, pre-workout, aminos?


The Core Nutritionals Pro flavors. Peanut butter ice cream tasted nothing like peanut butter. It was horrible. I just recently tried the Yosemite Smores (Merica Labz). Disappointed. The marshmallows are good but the chocolate flavor of the powder is bad. Even in milk not that good.