The whole nootropic thing really intrigues me

I started researching and using them about 2 years ago. I started with the basics ALCAR, Choline Bitartrate, herbals and my 1st racetam was Piracetam. It was just a matter of testing them on myself and seeing which ones actually worked for me.

N-Acetyl Semax or Noopept Increased/Enhanced perception.
I am able to perceive colors and objects in HD fashion.
Due to the way I can perceive things, I am able to be more creative and fluent with ideas.Increase in my ability to pay more attention to details. I am visually able to recreate concepts in detail.

PRL853 for the memory boost and memory recall.Helps me to memorize information better and provides noticeable increases in ability to recall information. Here is an example. I am doing a kitchen bid proposal and going over all the different finishes. Instead of constantly looking at my notes, I am able to I remember almost all of ideas. The best part about this is my client notices this too.

After trying different dosages, I now use 10mgs.
It kicks in quick and taste horrible.

Phenylpiracetam, Adrafinil, or CRL-40-940 for mental focus.

-Increased focus and mental alertness. it makes me feel more focused and alert.
-Increased energy with no jitters
-Increased physical endurance

Bromantane 50mgtwice a day

-Physical energy boost
-Great mood booster
-Reduces anxiety


Strong first post! Definitely some stuff in here I’ve never tried!

Aniracetam gives me that a bit - colors get brighter for me.

Right now I’m just mega dosing Alpha-GPC per my podcast with Shawn Wells:

Honestly I think this has convinced me that I like citicoline better. 1200mg of 50% Alpha-GPC at a time doesn’t seem to do much for me!


It’s an interesting category. I’ve tried AlphaBrain by Onnit (crazy dreams at night), Mental Jewels by Ambrosia (Marc Lobliner) and most recently have been using Cerevan by Dr. Mike Roussell. Do they work? I’m not sure. Productivity-wise I used to use Pre-Jym or Brain Candy by Biotest if I needed to finish up or concentrate on work. Not quite sure if it ‘made me smarter’.


Aniracetam for me is anxiolytic. It really mellows me out.

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I didn’t get much out of NooPept, except some weird depth perception issues in my eyesight while driving at night.

DMHA has been my go to for focus recently.

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I never really did a lot of research on these. At this point to me I don’t feel they are something I want to spend my money on. I would rather buy good food.

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I love nootropics, im generally on either alpha-GPC/CDP Choline + ALCAR during the school year. Around summer time is when I take time off these nootropics.

Phenylpiracetam has really caught my eye, but I’m not sure about its “safety” or on what “level” it is, compared to nootropics such as CDP-choline. By “level” I mean that how Phenibut, although a nootropic, is much higher on the “nootropic level.” I’m kind of having difficulty explaining what I’m saying, but basically I’m trying to differentiate the “levels” as in, comparing your regular stimulants (hordenine, theobromine, higenamine) to amphetamine type stimulants (DMAA/DMHA). I’ve had bad experiences in terms of mood, or after effects/withdrawals from stimulants such as DMHA, etc. (at times, not all the time)

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Yeah, as much as the research is cool and there may be LTP benefits, I don’t “feel” anything with it, and haven’t been diligent enough to take it daily because of that.

That’s crazy, for me I don’t get much of any added focus with DMHA. For me it’s just an enjoyable stimulant that puts me in a good mood at the right dose (125-150mg).

I freaking love phenylpiracetam, but most of the time my use has come from using it in InnovaPharm’s LIMITLESS pre workout supplement (with DMHA) about 1x/week. Those are fun days for me.

No clue on the dose inside, I should get some raw phenylpiracetam to figure it out for real.

I don’t think it’s that scary - if you’ve enjoyed piracetam and enjoy PEA compounds, you’ll probably like it. Just not an every day nootropic IMHO

Bromantane is incredible.I hold 50 under my tongue for up to 5 minutes.It’s a calm energy for sure.
Great whwnyou have to think quickly in a high stress environment.You’ll notice this fairly quickly if you have a physically demanding job. If you have a stressful physically demanding job Bromantane is a good option.

Based on the video review I purchased Nootropimax and really like it


How did you like Nootropimax?

I really want to try TAO Ultra Nootropic

Stuff seems pretty solid, but overpriced. And to me, over-caffeinated. I prefer my nootropics caffeine free so I can add them to preworkouts and such. Most nootropics that have come out recently have been caffeinated so I’ve never gotten any.


I’m the opposite, I really don’t do pre’s anymore. Maybe once a month I do. I do take a caffeine pill in the AM so this would work for me.

Also, I’d love to try their Amino Code product.

I like it. One thing I will say though…and I experienced this with MentalJewels as well…

At night…and no matter what time I seemed to take it during the day - I would have a tough time sleeping at night…I would be tired but my mind would be racing…

Have you tried any other product with di-caff malate and noticed that?

Not that I’m aware of…although it’s entirely possible.

Mainframe is caffeine free :slight_smile:

Following up on this…

Really like Nootropimax…and have tried BrainBridge…I’d like to try ControlledLabs Brainwash…Now that I’ve moved away from stims pre-workout it’s much easier to try stims in my nootropics for work related activities…