The best diet is no diet

The best diet is no diet


According to this Finnish study over the last decade



I would imagine weight gain causes dieting, rather then dieting causing weight gain.


So among other things, this study concluded that folks who don’t need to diet don’t diet. Got it. :laughing:


Personal experience: It doesn’t matter what the diet is, but tracking macros and weighing food always leads to success.

Which is why I’m currently not doing those things :frowning: :frowning:


As for me no diet is worse. If you’re eating junk food, snacks and drinking cola all the day, and have no diet at all, your health suffer. If you can’t stick to hard diets, the best choice is to find the one you can withstand and fell good. As for me, I’ve tried dozen of diets and find the one I like: check it out here.. Of course, it’s the сase of each, but it’s better to be beautiful and healthy having correct nutrition rather than being fat and having no diet.


I think the point is that it’s less about “being on a diet” and more about “consistently eating well”. Unfortunately a lot of these studies are correlative as opposed to causative, but oh well.

In the end, it’s better to be consistently on point and not ever have to “diet” than to try to lose a ton of weight because ya got sloppy. Hormonal swings and the effects of carrying around extra fat are never fun