Talk of the town: ben's views on mark bell's sarmageddon

Check this one out guys, this was fun for me and I’ll have upcoming collaborations with the team over at Slingshot!

Super interesting.

I have a lot of respect for athletes who are open about their usage. I understand there’s a lot to be lost personally by admitting it, but there’s a lot of damage to be done to younger more inexperienced athletes by hiding it. Mark has always had my respect in that regard, and I’m glad that his “protege” for lack of a better term is also being super forthcoming with all associated info.

This is an interesting age where people are being so much more honest about their usage, and I think in the right context it’s helping people be safer with their usage!

They are about 5-6 years behind schedule on this. SARMS have been out awhile. Now with all the crackdown on them and scam artists, most of the legit suppliers are gone. Many claim to be a SARM but in reality are not. I only trusted one source and that is Enhanced Athlete. I want to make one claim, SARMS pale in comparison to using real gear. I have used both and its night and day difference.

If this is true, and current prohormones are nothing compared to SARM’s, I feel like I’ve really been underestimating just how hardcore real gear is. I put on 25lbs during a half cycle of 1-Andro. Can’t even imagine real stuff

I can tell you from recent experience when I did a cycle of gear last fall, my strength and muscle mass went up significantly. I was 48 and lifting and repping weights I haven’t done since I was 30. I felt invincible to be honest. I felt young and energetic again. It felt great, Im not going to lie. SARMS are better than pro hormones, I will agree. SARMS are good but they are not in the same category as real anabolics. Fortunately I never had any bad side effects or shutdown using SARMS. Now with gear, my blood pressure went up which is why when I told my doctor what I was taking and for how long she put me on blood pressure medicine and monitored me the whole time.

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Yeah I hear you. Even at a young age like I am, you just feel generally better when on some sort of anabolic compound

Still waiting on any testing to show anyone is legit, this was a point I made in the video

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Yeah, Enhanced Athlete was the only source I used. Those are legit.

How do you know?

I like Tony, but given the legality of these in the states, FDA registered facilities who follow the rules won’t want to manufacture these. Have you seen testing?

I have followed Tony back when he had only a few hundred subscribers. I have seen COA’s on his products. Plus I got results from them so I know they are legit. He travels the world so he has sources outside of the US.

Where are the COAs?

Unfortunately, n=1 is not really considered a way to prove anything.

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There’s no doubt that in theory these drugs are effective. I’m mostly concerned with consumers ebing able to validate that they meet their label claim.

They could easily be spiked with steroids, which obviously will give wonderful results

COA’s can be easily faked. Especially by suppliers.


are you Mike’s dark side? lol!

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Ha, I doubt many people will catch that joke. Good one

The real stuff is bonkers. I haven’t tried any of the new PH’s, but I ran some SARMS in the past from people I trust. MK677 was the best sleep I’ve ever had in my life. Ostarine didn’t really do anything for me, though interestingly enough I got a friend who has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome into it and she says a small dose alleviated her symptoms entirely.

But yeah, the real stuff is insane.

Ostarine is wonderful for women. I believe I remember reading about it having positive effects on bone density for them as well.

MK-677 not only gave me great sleep but hunger and growth as well (comes with the territory of hunger) I wish I had a source with test results.

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