Talk of the town: ben's views on mark bell's sarmageddon

Now is Ostarine something for cycling? And what’s the approximate price per month or cycle?

MK677 is the only one I’d buy again.

it would definitely need to be cycled. Can suppress your natural testosterone. Not sure on cost, and I wouldn’t recommend you try it since there’s no way to prove you’re getting it legit

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Also @Anthony you’re super young, and messing with hormonal shit before you’re finished physiologically maturing is a Really Fucking Bad Idea


Zero interest into getting into SARMs personally. But I also have no interest in something like say, fat burners, but I also like to be informed on them. I simply like to learn as much as possible, and SARM’s are one of my areas with next to no knowledge

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I made the mistake of jumping on a prohormone at 19, didn’t know what it was. wild ride.

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I did run a half cycle of Hi Tech’s 1-Test with no bad side effects. Put on 25lbs. I presume the stuff available when you were young was stronger though, before DASCA

Yup. I only ever touched the stuff when I got confirmation from multiple doctors that my HTPA was permanently messed up, and even then I try to stay away form anything hormonal. It’s no joke.

Honestly, gear isn’t hard to find. Reliable sources are a little rarer, but there’s some good ones. Most of the “prohormones” (a majority are actually active steroids) aren’t actually banned in the UK so you could order from overseas. But overall, much less rare than a lot of people seem to think.

Anyway, yes, some of that stuff is stronger than hell. The most I ever weighed while “natural” was about 208. After messing around trying some SARMs, I was up over 220. I took some stuff that still put on over a pound a day, on average. I knew it would be strong, but I didn’t think I’d even be capable of adding that much weight considering my starting point.

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I know this probably does not belong here, but figured I would jump on the current conversation and ask. I have never taken Pro Hormones or Gear, anything beyond a test booster really. I do have low test and will be 40 in September. I was considering running Tim Muriellos Stack:

Anyone with any experience on this think I should bother, or not bother with this? Would this be too much for a first time PH user? I was thinking of running this in the July time frame so there is time for discussion. Just curious on thoughts here, as I value the opinions of this site, thanks!

That product contains two compounds I’m not really familiar with. I’m not sure if they’re just brand new or not, but I haven’t really read much. I do recall someone saying they should be stronger than the newest generation of andros because they have a higher conversion rate.

One thing that concerns me is that both prohormones are DHT based, so both very dry. But there’s still an AI in there, for some reason. The AI is totally out of place, unneeded, and could exacerbate the potential for aches.


Late to the party here but a Pro what?

Oh wait.

Hey man,
If you’re 40 and legitimately have low test, I wouldn’t recommend any OTC stacks, I’d visit your doctor and look at treating the cause of your low test

Yup that is part of the plan. The Military is not helpful in regard to this they changed their policy to the range of test you need for treatment. Being retired I will talk with the VA but doubt they will help either. Once I relocate to PIttsburgh I will have to find a “doctor” to help out in this. In the interim I was going to run the PH, but I guess you are right and I should just seek treatment at this point anyways.

In all honesty, if your natural test is already compromised then anything that has suppressive qualities could be the last straw for your testosterone. I really wouldn’t recommend it

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Co-signed as someone who’s been on treatment for low T since he was 23. Getting competent treatment is hard - I may yet write about this - but it’s worth it. I’m of the mind that once doctors have confirmed that your HTPA is already trashed, assuming it is, then like, go crazy, but until then it’s not worth introducing those other factors into the mix.

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I have a very similar thought process, of course with organ and BP support and i will say-

don’t go nuts on prohormones, SARMs, etc without a base HRT testosterone. These products rarely act as reasonable replacements for good ol testosterone.

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True - “Go Crazy” was perhaps characteristically irresponsible wording on my part.

Oh in the right cases i fully support “go crazy”

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Like World’s Strongest Man


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