Syner-Vol opinions

Syner-Vol opinions


Hey there, has anyone tried it? Opinions on the formula?


Never tried it, looks damn good though


I have a tub that I’ve been doing a trial run with. The pumps are insane.


GREAT looking formula


I know the owner of the company, he use to work for nutrabolt back in the day. He is a real good friend of mine. He thrives off open labels and adequate doses. You get what you pay for here, and the guy is a class act (Tyler Donald)

I can try and message him to get you a discount code if you want to pick it up. Let me know.



Tyler said this coupon is for the forum members. 10% off.


Code is leeper10
No a as Matt wrote and has to be all lower case
Confirmed with owner


How does it taste? Does it clump?


What about the focus and endurance/performance? Thank you guys!


Profile looks great! Just wondering how much better 8g of citrulline is that 4g-6g?


About 2-4 G better


I’m crunching these numbers, they seem to check out.


Wow pump city… I’d also throw in a nice 300mg Vaso6 cap for the heck of it lol.


Anecdotally, the difference between 300mg and 600mg is pretty minimal, even by itself. With all these other ingredients, and the blend already have Vaso-6, may not even be worth it.

I’m really curious, how’s the flavor in that kitchen sink?


Crap… My eyes zoned right past the existing Vaso6 in there.

This label looks sweet!


It already has Vaso-6 in it


Noted in my response above. Just missed it at first glance.


To be honest, I did as well when I looked at the label. Weird they don’t list Vaso-6 first then “(Green tea extract)” which I believe is what it usually is. Makes it easy to miss


Think that’s what tripped me up too!


I’m recieving a tub this week! Will start it when I finish my M2 pre (10 servings left aprox.).