Supplement Manufacturer ABH Pharma INDICTED After Years of FDA Violations

Supplement Manufacturer ABH Pharma INDICTED After Years of FDA Violations

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Many consumers quickly glance at the label on a dietary supplement, blindly purchase it, and never question where it was made or if what’s listed on the label is actually in the bottle. But what if you don’t even know what you’re buying? Has the product been tested to meet… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Surprised no one has replied. This is one crazy story!

Agreed but most probably don’t want to spend the time to scroll through the list of almost 900 brands. They would rather wait and see which big names get pulled from the spreadsheet.

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Also saw this, but not sure how reliable it is because anyone can report a ‘scam’:

So not worth officially citing, but some may want to read it

More comments under my IG video post to the forums


Bummer, Nutrex and EVL are on the list.

dude, Azoth, Iron Brothers, and Primeval Labs are also on the list :frowning:

Waiting on an answer from Azoth- they’ve posted 3rd party testing before

Iron Brothers moved to another manufacturer I think over a year ago after 3rd party testing showed they were getting shafted. They lost a lot of money moving

Primeval did one flavor over 4 years ago and also got screwed by them somehow

We’ll be compiling official responses from as many companies as possible


It looks like several contract manufacturers subbed work out to ABH, so more brands may show up.

Will be addressing this on the full video, it’s unofficially stated by many industry insiders that ABH was largely brokering out jobs to other manufacturers.

This is seriously a shit show


Link to said video with many comments on it:

Not sure of Facebook and LinkedIn, probably many there too

Here is the list…Ghost and BPI is on it

Not Ghost Lifestyle…

Ugh…I posted based on a video just put out by Marc Lobliner…I did read the list and saw Ghost Nutrition not Ghost Lifestyle…

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Love Marc - but it might have been clickbait or an intention to start debate.

Where is the video link? I’ll watch it and text him if he’s wrong.

I just responded to him on Twitter pointing out that it may not be Ghost Lifestyle…

Although @Matt_Towson it may be:

Ghost Nutrition is a failed brand from SoCal that Dan bought the trademark and social accounts for to avoid confusion


Thank you. Looks like they were listed. Maybe the Norvaline made him forget about it?

Forget about what?

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