Stimulants and Work

Stimulants and Work


I recently started using products like Game Day, Arez (White), and Kraken and they have all worked wonders. Really good stuff. Love the jam packed feeling of the stims especially the DMHA.

However, has anyone had to get randomly drug tested at work and failed because of taking these stimmed out PW?


I have not, but I do tend to get worried with all these new stronger and stronger exotic stimulates they are using.
On another note I tend to feel with these strong stimulates in them it cancels out the terrific pump profile to them, kinda kills it for me.


It was more along the lines of amphetamines, since stimulants like DMHA have the same chemical components that could trigger a false positive on a drug test

@PricePlowStaff @Robert any thoughts on false positive drug tests at work with DMHA?


@Manu22 The only thing I’ve heard of for false positives has been DMAA. I have gotten several blood tests recently for sports and powerlifting and despite using a DMHA preworkout everyday, I’ve never been called in for a positive on amphetamines.


@Anthony thank you for your input! Much appreciated


Work place drug tests don’t test for legal stimulants in supplements. They are designed to test for marijuana, cocaine, narcotics, etc. But I don’t know why you would waste pre workout while at work. If you need a boost at work, drink coffee or an energy drink.


I do not believe any of these exotic stims will cause you to fail a drug test at work. As @Brawn said, they’re designed to test for narcotics and other “designer” drugs, not some stims you can get in any OTC pre workout.


First off, make sure they’re not on a banned list… if you’re in DoD, for instance, DMAA has long been ‘banned’, and sometimes they have provisions that say “no similar compounds” like WADA does (DMHA isn’t specifically banned by WADA as far as I know, but it’s close to DMAA and therefore banned).

On to the test, I think it depends on the test itself. DMAA was causing false positives way back in the day. A more rigorous test would then determine that it was not an amphetamine. I believe most tests have this figured out by now, but the cheaper ones you can buy yourself may still not be up to snuff.

Best idea is to pay for a test yourself. This one cost me $50 at AnyLabTestNow and Lipodrene Elite had me clean:

But that’s a better test they administer than the home use kits.

So basically, @Brawn is right – it’s typically nothing more than a narcotic/pot test.

For the record, PricePlow does not drug test its employees, except when doing supplement reviews :wink: Although we may need to spring one on Robert :wink:


Bring the test on @Mike!

Never used an illegal drug (marijuana, cocaine, heroin) in my life, haha. I guess that makes me a bit dull or old-fashioned to most people, lol.


That’s exactly what a druggie would say! :scream_cat:


well…you should! they’re great
my first instinct was to make fun of you lol but I thought this high quality advice ^ would be better


Same. I was well into 22 before I even drank (and now I only really have any on holidays, not a huge fan). That xXstraightXxXedgeXx life tho.


GIad I’m not the only morally responsible one (i.e. “lame” one) around these parts!