Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey sold out (virtually everywhere)

Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey sold out (virtually everywhere)

Good afternoon gentlemen (term used loosely)…

I’m seeing that Spartan Whey is sold out on their site and on Something I should know?

I sent them a note via email to check on the status…

And asking for a friend of course.


Ive posted this in a few places
They are moving into a new warehouse due to demand. Therefore they had to push back the release of their protein bars and fulfilling a restock on their products.

Business is booming, and they are trying to expand.
Did you place an order and never get your product with me? If so let me know I will make sure you are taken care of


The retailer I work weekends at currently has about 7 tubs left. That’s it as of now. I picked one up to mix it up with my Suoerior Protein from Olympus Labs. I got it for a steal so it’s uust more protein for myself


Thank you Bob…

I just ran out of the Cinna Crunch, still have PB and Chocolate and C&C, but was considering one of their Cereal flavors…


Apple is not very good. Easy pass
Fruity Loops is good if you like fruit loops. Think the milk of a leftover bowl of cereal from that flavor.
I personally still put PB and Cinna Crunch above as well as Krunchy Krisp as my top 3
CNC is the best of the 5lb options

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What’s everyone’s favorite ‘cereal’ flavored protein? Patriot Whey? Ghost? I’m a Lucky Charms guy so anything similar to that…although I like a little Casein in my protein so I may be asking for too much.


Favorite cereal protein would be Patriots whey in Frutuitous Keepsakes.

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Ghost Fruity Cereal is good
Sparta Loopy Fruits

Be my top 2, Patriots is good, but it lacks density in the whey flavor and they try and make up with the chunks laced throughout the whey. Innovative idea, but lacks a bit in the flavor department. I would prob put Olympus Lab at #4 for my cereal protein choice. It is good but on the light side for flavor.


Thank you both @Nappy_Nerd It looks like I can get samples off their site…as well

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I meant Patriot Whey


It’s looking like it is not my day…Ghost Fruity Cereal is Out of Stock


What in the world is the difference between OL Proteins? Pharma something versus Muscle something?


I have a couple tubs of the Superior headed my way. Blueberry toaster, and Toucan Twist


Pharma gaba is the muscle building and the other variation is just the Protein with no extras


So it will make me jacked (typed sarcastically)


Correct. was a LE Flavor
The Pharmagrade I detailed in my youtube video below:

  • PharmaGABA dosed at 125mg. The GABA has shown in a study, that when combined with whey it can increase lean mass gains by 817% compared to taking whey protein alone.
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I’ve got a 5lb tub of blueberry muffin and chocolate ice cream. What flavor you looking for?


I’ve still never had their blueberry muffin!


Sparta BB Is not very good. You ain’t missing anything.


Well then…oh well