Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey is Here, and it's Everything We Wanted

Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey is Here, and it's Everything We Wanted


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Sparta Nutrition has finally released their highly anticipated protein Spartan Whey, which is FULLY DISCLOSED and OPEN LABEL. Well it’s about time!! Sparta Nutrition, the company behind the legendary Kraken Pre Workout, has finally put out a protein powder – and it will be as unique and high-quality as everything… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Looking forward to a flavor panel from you guys


Ready for a video!

I’ve been waiting for this one to come out - if anyone has tried and it and can review the taste, please share your experience with the forum!


I wonder if they’ll put this on some sort of crazy deal like some sites do with Kraken.


Just ordered mine! C&C is on the way!


Looking good I’d say. That’s a big ass tub


Looking forward to the taste review.


IN4 your review


Heres the whey in 6oz of skim milk, great flavor, but I personally would use maybe 4-5 since I like mine thicker. Haven’t tried MTS so I can’t compare. The cookie bits are delicious, mixes quite easily. Overall, favorite protein I’ve had thus far

Edit: was so good I made another serving, 5 oz is perfect, love the texture from the casein


Soon as a sale for this drops, I plan on stocking up, I’m so glad the flavor turned out great


Same here, hoping they put this on sale.


Was going to order the fruit loops flavor of this through amazon because I have a coupon but that’s the only flavor not listed I amazon. Might try blueberry muffin it looks good as well but I really wanted the fruit loops flavor :joy:


Overall, your favorite CnC protein or favorite protein across the board? What other CnC flavors have you tried?

Just curious, I have been turned off on CnC after it came out years ago. Obviously flavors have come a long way since then. I have never tried MTS or Beverly, both are suppose to be excellent. I do like Blue Star Milk and Cookies, PES CnC is ok but nothing to write home about IMO.


Best protein across the board, although I haven’t tried an excessive amount of protein powders. Second CnC I’ve tried as well, and I’m quite pleasantly surprised.


My thoughts too. Compared to MTS CnC, I’d like to know how this stacks up.

I’ll be grabbing a tub of Spartan Whey CnC, so I can compare the two.


@Msseffect @Caribou

On my review for this, I just pasted a code for Sparta’s website. Code “ig15” gets you 15% off until 2:00pm EST.


Cheaper at DPS right now, It’s 20% off there. I bought the C&C and Blueberry Muffin. Coming for you guys if they suck :joy:


Cookies and Cream tastes like Bluebell Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. I’m glad Anthony agrees it is one of the best proteins we have had. I’m excited to hear your thoughts.


I have wanted to try the Spartan Whey for a while and finally pulled the trigger during the Black Friday deal at Campus (Thanks @TheSolution )

I picked the Loopy Fruits flavor because I wanted the smaller tub and something that wasn’t chocolate or vanilla. I think it was The Solution who compared it to Ghost Fruity Cereal Milk and I feel like that is a perfect rival for this. A similar flavor, but Spartan wins for me. I like the texture of the powder raw (not for consuming, but makes it easy to scoop and not make a mess) and I like the texture as an actual shake. I have always enjoyed casein added to my whey. Flavor is probably a touch milder than Ghost, but I think I’d rather swing lighter than stronger.

I will probably be trying another one of their flavors again in the future. I wish the blueberry muffin was in the smaller format. It possibly is, I’ve just never seen it in stock that way.


Good stuff!

I also just got my feet wet with Spartan Whey but in Cinna Crunch flavor. I do agree the texture of the powder is really nice. Mixability is insanely good as well. This is the first cinnamon protein I’ve been able to drink happily. Really excited to get my hands on more flavors!