Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey is Here, and it's Everything We Wanted

Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey is Here, and it's Everything We Wanted


Personally would not suggest their blueberry it is very faint and weak.

PB Cups, Cinna Crunch and Krispy Krunch - 2lb’s
those are the 3 you want to grab

If you are going 5lb go with CnC

The blueberry is so light in flavor its more muffin. and it is a mere aftertaste. Most get letdown by it that is why I do not suggest it.


CnC was damn good when I had it, and that was the old formulation too


I might try the PB Cups next. I really like the PB Cereal Milk from Ghost. I gave the Vegan version a try and I’m having mixed feelings about it. It really reminds me of dried peas with peanut flavor added. Not horrible, but tough to get beyond. I’m still on the fence about trying Krispy Krunch. Some things don’t translate to liquid and you just end up with a weird variation of chocolate flavor.


PB Cups from Sparta and Ghost are comparing apples to oranges. Sparta has the perfect Chocolate and PB Ratio. Ghost is pure PB with the captain crunch mixture for the leftover milk.

The 50/50 compliment from Sparta is dead on. The density and creaminess of the peanut butter is flawless. It easily is my top Choc PB on the market and destroys Select (most people compare it to this) it is thicker, has a better mouthfeel (no BPI garbage), and provides exactly what you want in a PB Cup.

Check out my video here for reference

Krispy Krunch is kind of like Chocolate Therapy Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. It hits you with a multitude of chocolate (Swiss, milk, dark) all in one. The unique combination really hits your taste buds hard if you are a chocolate lover. Apple Jacks is decent, but not worth investing in IMO.