Sparta Nutrition Mislabeling and Zero Customer Service

Sparta Nutrition Mislabeling and Zero Customer Service


I’m offended that I’ve never spoken with Mark…I’m kidding of course.


PricePlow runs so many videos of him, i feel like i have.


Have you heard from Mo, yet? I want to make sure we keep people here updated.


You mean the bald guy, former fighter? Never heard of him.


Unfortunately no, I was hoping to get an email today thinking maybe they just don’t check emails or whatever on the weekend. I’ve triple checked the email addy you texted me though so I guess I’ll just send another one today.

I do plan to update the thread whenever I find anything out. I’m still hoping it’s just mislabeling I want to keep buying the product if it’s a blend.


Mine I just picked up states it’s a blend. Also, why was my last comment deleted? That didn’t happen by my hand…


No clue. Wasn’t me!


Oh lord, we have a ghost admin lmao


Wait an admin from Ghost? I thought they wanted to be seen?


Dammit bill…


I would like to point out this though…Level scoop is 19g’s over what the label states. Weigh it out kids, otherwise your servings are getting cut