Sparta Nutrition Mislabeling and Zero Customer Service

Sparta Nutrition Mislabeling and Zero Customer Service


I’m offended that I’ve never spoken with Mark…I’m kidding of course.


PricePlow runs so many videos of him, i feel like i have.


Have you heard from Mo, yet? I want to make sure we keep people here updated.


You mean the bald guy, former fighter? Never heard of him.


Unfortunately no, I was hoping to get an email today thinking maybe they just don’t check emails or whatever on the weekend. I’ve triple checked the email addy you texted me though so I guess I’ll just send another one today.

I do plan to update the thread whenever I find anything out. I’m still hoping it’s just mislabeling I want to keep buying the product if it’s a blend.


Mine I just picked up states it’s a blend. Also, why was my last comment deleted? That didn’t happen by my hand…


No clue. Wasn’t me!


Oh lord, we have a ghost admin lmao


Wait an admin from Ghost? I thought they wanted to be seen?


Dammit bill…


I would like to point out this though…Level scoop is 19g’s over what the label states. Weigh it out kids, otherwise your servings are getting cut


19g’s over is beyond ridiculous


I have to agree with this. That’s over half of an additional serving. Cuts back on servings quite a bit


Interestingly enough, the scooper in my Cinna Crunch is fairly spot on. Just have to do a slightly less than level scoop I believe. I know it’s definitely not as bad as yours, Nappy.


This is odd. I just weighed a scoop of my PB Cup and it was only 1g off.


Yeah same here, I’ve measured mine a couple times and just did again last night to make sure, I’m at about 30g on the nose with a near level scoop everytime. It’s actually one of the most accurate experiences I’ve had with a product, I usually measure the first scoop of a any new product to me just so I have an idea of how to scoop it going forward.

Side note, still no reply from sparta or Mo, I’ll give it another day and try again I suppose. I’m getting close to just wanting a refund for the 2 tubs that are marked 100% wpc but honestly I have zero faith in getting any response for a refund request now but perhaps they have instructions on their website and I won’t have to contact them (I haven’t looked yet). It’s kind of a shame but customer service can kill a company for me and this is just kind of annoying. There’s plenty of other great brands out there but I really did love the price point of the sparta whey.


He told me he was looking into it. I think he wants to make sure he knows 100% why it happened, before responding.



then he should have communicated that to the customer, not you.


Businesses need to understand that Customer Service and attention to your customers is everything. Even when things go wrong, communication is the key. Way too many business don’t get this. That’s a primary reason business fail. They see ‘customers’ as ways to make money and don’t realize that it could end tomorrow…Life comes at you fast.


When I told him about the issue, he said he was looking into it. I don’t think @JBond texts Mo as much as me… so I get why I would get a text response faster than an email. When you run a business, your email inbox is stuffed 24/7 and it’s hard to see every single message.
Im not standing up for him, but it’s an objective thought.

It’s been 4 days, so I wouldn’t sweat it @JBond