Sparta Nutrition Mislabeling and Zero Customer Service

Sparta Nutrition Mislabeling and Zero Customer Service

Hey all, I created an account here to update on Sparta Nutrition’s Sparta Whey. I’ve been using supplements for 2 decades+ now, and have found priceplow’s wesbite and youtube video’s an amazing resource for finding and trying new products. One of the products I bought because of these video’s is Sparta Whey, I’ve bought probably 12-15 tubs of it over the last 6+ months and been really happy with it especially the price for the quality.

However, my last order from the black friday deal the nutrition label now lists the protein as 100% WPC, even though the website still advertises as a blend, and even the front of the tub still calls the product a protein blend. I took a picture of the label and have been emailing Sparta for a week now and zero replies whatsoever. Last time I emailed them to compliment them as a new customer of the product they replied back almost right away.

I figured since priceplow was my source for finding this company I’d let all you guys know here. I don’t know if the label is a faulty or misprinted label, or if the product is now just a concentrate product and no longer a blend. Either way their customer service is at best extremely slow to non-existent.


No disrespect, but you’re going to need to send more than just a picture of the panel. We don’t know if that’s even the correct product. Your claim, it’s on you to provide sufficient evidence. As long as I’ve been using it, it’s been a blend, so they may have reformulated, and haven’t updated the site yet or something along those lines. I wouldn’t think too hard about it. Probably just a label issue


Well, every one of their flavors has a specific flavor blend listed under the protein, you can see this one is loopy fruits, my favorite of their flavors, and as far as I know that name is specific to Sparta whey. And I have one of the old containers at home with the blend listed but it’s the same as what’s shown of their website, the label I posted here is the same look and format of their labels just the ‘blend’ is now 100% concentrate and that’s my issue.

But I can post a rotated pic of the tub when I go home if really needed as evidence.


It is not, multiple companies have hopped aboard the cereal flavor train. Some flavors might have protein blends/ratios. They do this to stay true to the flavor. As for this one, I don’t know until I check it out in person.


I was wrong about that, ignore it^


Ok wow, is that what the community is like here? Just looking to get some clarification since the company isn’t giving me any.

Quick google search shows sparta whey as the only ‘Loopy fruits’ as I stated. Yes I know several companies make cereal flavors but not specifically loopy fruits as indicated on the label.

And before making lame accusations maybe look at the companies website, I’ll do the work for you guys:

They come in 2lbs and 5lbs.

All skeptics aside,

I’d still like to know if this company is having label misprint issues or if they really have gone to an all WPC rather than the blend this product has been known for. I have 2 five pound tubs with the all concentrate labeling and I’m trying to figure out if I need to return them or not.


Hey, I admitted I was wrong. My bad🤷🏽‍♂️


All good dude I didn’t notice you deleted it until after I replied. Was thinking why am I feeling on the defense here I’m just trying to find out what’s happening with the company or label or product whatever. I’m not sure at all why Sparta won’t answer when they have answered me before either, just thought maybe this has been brought up somewhere or one of the experts around would know.


Why return them? They’re still quality products. Do you have a major preference over a strict whey VS. blend?


They might have to look into it. Some people will send messages to harass or back a company in a corner. You have to be careful with social media nowadays


@JBond - shoot me a text. I’m going to put you in touch with the owners, per their request. 817-994-6025.



Checked my 2lb tub and it shows the blend on the label. Let me know what you find out if you can, prefer a blend formula


Hey Matt, thanks, I’ll text you soon, just finishing up at work.

And Nappy Nerd yes I do have a preference, I like a blend or isolate for post workout specifically, and if it’s a blend rather than an isolate I may use it for pre and post workout some days. This is about the only time I use the sparta whey as I have other products or food I use throughout the rest of the day, so if it is pure WPC now I have no interest in it.

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Msseffect yeah I have 2lbs tubs from a previous order, I think when they did the company relaunch that priceplow covered, that was the first thing I checked when I noticed the labels on my new 5lbs tubs and all my 2lbs labels have the blend listed just like on their website.


Then I can totally see why you want the info! That I definitely understand! I prefer blends for cooking/baking/sludge


Yep exactly, if it was just a 2lbs tub I’d just shrug it off but I have 10lbs of the WPC labeled stuff, if it’s a mislabel no biggie as long as I know what’s inside is the same I’d be happy. And I only messaged them via email, taken straight off their website like when I first heard of them here I messaged them to give them props on the labeling and quality and they messaged me shortly after and even gave me a coupon. So the customer service at that time to the zero replies now coupled with the label question has me wondering what’s up


It may be something as simply as they want to look into it before responding. I’ve worked for a number of years in supplements and the fitness industry, so I’ve seen how they go about handling certain situations first hand


I just think the majority of manufacturers are not equipped to handle b2c customer service, hence why you get better support from their distributors. The exceptions for me would be @RedCon1 and @NutraBio , as I’ve had no issues when reaching out to them. I’m pretty sure one time I called Nutrabio with a question @Mark_Glazier answered the phone himself, which both caught me by surprise and impressed me.


haha awesome. Had that happen to me once when I called Elite FTS about some gym equipment and Jim Wendler (5/3/1 program) answered the phone for some reason.


Thanks man! I’m glad you have experienced great customer service with us. We pride ourselves in making sure the customer is help everyway possible. And yeah Mark loves talking with customers, out, on the phone or even giving a tour of the facility!