So after i stopped formulating for a company they still (ab)use my ideas

So after i stopped formulating for a company they still (ab)use my ideas

hey guys,

it is the incredibly unpopular Psycho here who nobody believes a word.
well, besides being the first to come up with a nutrient partitioner combining na-r-ala and agmatine and having that copied by tons of companies and mentioning the Benefits of pomegranate way before Olympus came out with their pseudoextract (urolithin b in the amounts cannot be extracted from pomegranate, it must be a synthetic compound. i had proof of this but it has been a while).

well anyhow, i am slightly annoyed, slightly curious and might just manage to piss off some People, eventhough i really like to help. i just have friendlieness Fatigue. i know how good i am. believe me or Keep taking those rubbish products.

okay. ,GDAs,. who came up with putting 20 ingredients in them and doing 30 servings? and then that is only supposed to work on regular meals?
i can make you a Formula thats cheap and one serving will require 200g+ carbs as ist too strong.

so my beloved Friends at Brawn Nutrition seem to have actually gone through some old, very old email correspondence and used one of my formulas which they said was too expensive to ever make. ha!!!

i warn you though, i doubt the raws are good. i had many ideas which were denied as production cost would be insane. now this Formula is by far the most potent nutrient repartitioner, not gda, i have seen and it is an exact use of a Formula i suggested, only the removed one expensive ingredient that has no Reputation and added a cheap one that is shit. anyhow look:

Ingredients (per serving)

Agmatine Sulphate 500mg
Berberine HCL 300mg
Na-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid 250mg
Gymnema Sylvestre Extract (standarized to 75% gymnemic acids) 150mg (that was supposed to be bergenin, guess useless gymnema is cheap)
Pterostilbene 100mg (oooohhhhh i thought it is too expensive? hm, wonder About Quality)
Banaba Leaf Extract (Lagerstroemia Speciosa) (standardized to 1% Corosolic Acid) 100mg (1% is exactly what i suggested. because less CA more Tannins. low CA banaba is more potent. but i suggested 350mg)
Bioperine® 5mg (their retardullshit)
Chromium Polynicotinate 300mcg (someone must have told them it sounds good)

anyway that Formula is 1 serving. the bottle has 60 servings. the idea for it came to my mind in…4-5 years ago? still that is a hell of a Formula, eventhough they fucked it up and probably use shitty fake raws.

the reason i stopped formulating for them is that they never listened to what i actually told them to make. they did not understand a product can do nearly Nothing or a lot.

i have been checking what’s new on the market. some funny stuff. peako2, elevatp and vaso-6 are now used y everyone, outdosing one another and while i admit some products really do look very nice and will work i still do not understand how, at a time where natural compounds outperform pharmaceuticals in so many Areas, there are still no Company that can do a preworkout, nutrient partitioner, natty anabolic that gives aas surpassing gains. yes, gains better than a short aas cycle.

okay then, i am going to take a nice relaxed pee, apply my Anti-Aging facial Moisturizer, see if any haters are present yet and then give some examples of what will make those who can accept that even someone like me is a Genius at one Thing (Supplements) very happy.

vaso-6. seriously?

and more to come on agmatine, a compound that reverses tolerance to psychotropic substances. it makes morphine dependant mice Need less and less morphine. Pretty cool eh? boring old agmatine….

okay so here is the ultimate nutrient partitioning Formula that will not enable to eat as many carbs as one likes but will require one to binge in order not to starve as no amount of carbohydrate will do anything but go to muscle. fat gain impossible. side effects: disease prevention. a lot of them. but do not believe this moron.

450mg activ-amp gynostemma pentaphyllum
100mg pteropure pterostilbene
250mg pine bark ex (70% proanthocyans)
400mg pomella pomegranate extract
350mg pomegranate extract (22% punicic Acid)

300mg Potassium-r-lipoate
1250mg agmapure
750mg berberine (extracted, not synthetic)
300mg bergenin
700mg banaba (1% corosolic Acid)

that is one serving. take immediately before a meal containing at least 100g carbs, have another 100g carbs Ready or eat 200g carbs. this is many many times stronger than metformin. also ampk activation with this is insane.

as i am an old man physically (mentally i am 12, i know) i am done with stims.

so i would have the mentioned nutrient partitioner and eat around 2-3000calories over an hour or so with 3-500g carbs and surf the Internet a bit. have a few lines of Speed to wake up and then i want a good Performance enhancing preworkout. i think it does not Need vaso-6 or nitrosigine. do you have an idea why i say this? no? okay you know. pump. ha ha

i also want to take a few Supplements as they are simply fucking awesome. creatine is great. not for Bodybuilding but it is a really really healthy Supplement. mitochondria are cute and cool. they are These Little Living fuckers that are chilling inside our bodies and making atp so we can live and ruin the planet. aren’t they Kind?

lets give them some love. COENZYME Q10 and SHILAJIT. okay i am being modern. i am going to put elevatp so Maybe i can make Friends.

so increased atp means more cellular Energy means more Performance. i want Performance. and if i had a brain then Maybe some brain support.

6g creatine-pyruvate
3g cyclocreatine-phosphate
2g creatinol-o-Phosphate

4g beta-Alanine-orotate
3g l-carnitine-Fumarate
3g tmg-nitrate
1g Acerola powder (20% Vitamin c)

200mg Coenzyme q10
200mg elevatp
40mg pqq

600mg sulbutiamine
200mg phenylpiracetam
250mg phenibut

100mg p-5-p
12.5mg methylcobalamin
7.5mg methylfolate

It’s like the rantings of a genius and a lunatic at the same time :joy::joy:


no i am just mad and on too much Speed.
it would be Genius if i managed to shut up like a zen Monk. haha

Welcome back

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That’s nothing. I think this is his post from another forum:

i will say one last thing and then there is no point anymore as you will never accept it. i was hit by a car and the car bounced off me several feet. i was uninjured. i have witnesses. its not the matrix but matter consists of molecules. most of a molecule is empty space, yet you see a solid table. so your reality is an interpretation. you really should be seeing the molecules, atoms and other particles but don’t. doesn’t that prove that your reality may not have anything in common with mine?


only proves that neurotransmitters should not be played with excessively as D2 overstimulation often causes psychotic episodes.

And from this forum:

…at 6 feet, 190lbs i had a bf% of, i do not know, but low enough to step on stage and be considered ripped any time. i ate 5000 calories and 500g carbs a day and had 18 inch arms. 220lbs dumbbell rows for 18 reps.

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do you have a specific Agenda?

Or it proves that you rant about nonsense on forums? Surely you see how it’s logical to take your posts with a grain, or two, of salt, given your admitted history of posting while having “psychotic episodes,” no?

only giving you what you are asking for. you want to hear Madness, no?
the possibility that Things occur or are experienced which you have not experienced seems to be out of the Question so i assumed you would be happy with that Response.

and nobody should take me seriously. they should take the compounds they use seriously and the mechanisms of Action and interactions etc.

So that wasn’t your post? Then there’s two people running around online claiming to have formulated the same products. Multiple personalities perhaps?

anyone is free to decide wether they can gain some valuale info from someone possibly mad yet knowledgable over just accepting popular belief simply because it is popular.

i looked at non-stim preworkouts today. almost all have vaso-6 and elevatp. it seems that first companies started to include both, then have a dosing Competition.

they are not really very interesting compounds, just trendy stuff.

Aren’t you the one who ranted about Agmapure as somehow being vastly superior to non-Agmapure but still high-quality agmatine? But yeah, lecture other people on being “trendy.”

if you lacked a thyroid would you get prescription thyroid Hormone from the pharmacy or some good Quality t4 that some guy in some Basement sells?

agmatine is a compound with significant neurological effects and therefore should be considered medication, it is one of very few potent nmdar-antagonists and it reverses tolerance to psychotropic substances and prevents devolopment. that means agmatine will Prevent the Body from becoming dependant on morphine etc.

quite significant Right? so do you have Access to pharmaceutically produced pure labtested agmatine? or do you assume it to be high Quality?

If you made a YouTube channel I would watch it.
Welcome back by the way.


thanks man. the idea is nice but i do not like Attention tbh. i know People think i am a complete narcissist but i do not want to preach or tell People what to do or come across as somewhat an ,authority, on a subject. People tend to place others above them when those are at a higher Level regarding whatever, in this case Maybe strength, Performance, Body comp…but i do not want that. i like to help People out and it makes me happy when they get good results. i also really have stron inhibitions About asking Money. i Always gave free advice. i feel it is messed up to charge People for personal Training, diet advice etc. which is actually not even very good.

Maybe then giving better advice and charging much less for providing much more would be something i could morally justify…i don’t know. a YouTube channel would generate Money through Advertising?
i really don’t wanna charge anyone Money.

i have been injured, sick and many Things so i am actually totally out of shape. i guess i could document my Comeback when i start again soon. i hurt my back massively during a seizure i had in Opioid withdrawal and some other fucked up stuff.

i am doing good now but physically Things have taken a toll…