SNS GlycoPhase Log - First GDA

SNS GlycoPhase Log - First GDA

Huge thanks to SNS for reaching out to me for this log opportunity. I haven’t used a GDA before, but I’ve been really interested in doing so.

Started this morning with 2 caps pre-workout alongside about 80g of carbs. I’ll be doing 4 caps split twice a day and timing them about 15 mins pre med-high carb meal.

I think the most of what I’m expecting/hoping for is a leaner feeling or look while feeling extra muscle fullness.

Right now I’m eating in a very slight surplus of around 100-150 calories. Current macros are about 230p, 240c, 80f hovering around 199-200lbs. I’m going to keep macros steady for now just to see what happens.

My training split is 4 days. Two days are heavy upper compound movements + a couple isolation movements, 1 leg day of heavy compound + isolations, 1 day a full body isolation type of day where I focus on weak points. Not really following any particular program at the moment, but will be again soon.

I hope I can log this well. Not sure what to expect but I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated!


Looking forward to hearing how this goes. Just ordered mine, should be in by tomorrow


@blongo804 I’m in.

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Good to have you hear @SNSJS!

Worth noting…

I was MUCH hungrier today, post workout, compared to usual.

Working a desk job allows me to really nail down an eating schedule, so my food timing is almost always on point. I had to have my between breakfast/lunch meal, 40g oats + scoop of protein, about 1-1.5 hours earlier than usual due to extreme hunger coming on.

Did I burn more during my workout (intense leg day!), or do we have some GDA properties kicking in already? We shall see if the trend continues!

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I have found recently that I am fond of GDAs as well. I am in to see how this goes for you!

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Today the pump was serious.

Preworkout: full dose of I Am Supreme/RE1GN, 2 GP caps, about 80g carbs

What I’m looking for in terms of look/feel in the gym with GlycoPhase - extra pump, extra vascularity.

I’m not the leanest in the world, but I do get veins popping with a proper pre supplement/meal and pump-inducing workout (lots of isolation moves). Today I swear my left bicep had a vein, I’ve been waiting to see more of, looking much more prominent than usual going from my forearm right up through my bicep. Need moar!!

In this log you may find that I have a vascularity fetish with myself LOL.

Otherwise so far I’ve found that I’m feeling more empty than usual and less bloated than usual, although I am not eating a whole ton that would bloat me. It’s been about 4 hours post workout and I still feel really full too. This happens occasionally, but would be sick if I can get an all day full feeling consistently.

These are all just initial thoughts at this point.


Trying out mine now! Just came yesterday


So this is interesting, its basically a GDA and pump product in one? I have only tried RPG (REDCON1) and Predator (C&P) so I am new to this idea. Interesting…


I really didn’t get much from RPG when I used it. I was a little disappointed honestly


In for Glycophase log!


I’m on this as well and have experienced the same increase in hunger. Are you doing readings? Curious to see how they compare vs mine

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There is 500mg agmatine per 2 caps, so that helps. Otherwise I think it has to do with the glucose uptake benefits provided by the product. I’m sure there’s some more science-y guys here that can explain.

Oh yeah the hunger increase was evident day 1, surprisingly. I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever seen something work. Unfortunately due to my fear of any needles, even just a pick, I don’t want to do readings. I really do want to for science sake though… Maybe i’ll just suck it up!!


I actually had good results on RPG. However, Predator fell a bit short for me. I should really get out there and try out more GDAs, but been limiting my carbs lately anyways so maybe after the holidays.


You’re limiting your carbs during the holidays? Bless you


Not intakjng more carbs during the holidays? That’s the best time to carb up! Haha


@Msseffect @Nappy_Nerd Oh no no no, I just was saying that LATELY the last two months I have. I am flying to Pittsburgh for a week, so back to east coast Italian food, here come the carbs!!


Ohhhhhhh ok, LOL. Man, I find the more I try to restrict something, the kore likely I’ll end up binging and going overboard so I try to just avoid it altogether

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I just have trait where I can’t just do a “little” after going so long. I had an eating disorder as a child/teen, so I don’t want to put myself in those situations where I’m going to the extreme


Nope I totally get that. If i go to the bar and say okay just 2 drinks, i will be there all night and like 15 drinks. If i just say lets see what happens, i usually leave after a few drinks…go figure!

Same thing with dieting I ease in and out of it, I never eat that strict. At 39 I know how to eat and what I should eat, so i try to do the best for the most part. Seems to work out!! Buy i hear ya bro!


Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

With the holiday came lots of bad decisions when it comes to food.

I did use GlycoPhase (GP) with each meal, timed as well as possible (usually 15-30 minutes as instructed on the bottle).

I wouldn’t say it worked any miracles on the bloat, but I do feel like everything digested well and I generally got over the bloat pretty quick. For example, at my fiance’s parents’ house, our 2nd meal (+ GP) of the day, I was destroyed half way into the plate. I laid down for a little bit, and about a half hour later I was fine. My first meal on an empty stomach + GP, I digested 100% fine and ate double what I ate at my fiance’s parents’ lol. I don’t expect GP to work any miracles, but I was keeping an eye on what was happening. Overall, today I feel a little extra watery compared to usual, but I expect it to fall off in another day or two. Some good ol’ HIIT was done today to help with that. My current goal is to keep weight down until my next cycle (starting soon with log!) when I plan to blow up, so I’m hoping GP helps me lean out a little along with my diet.

Current macros are .75g/lb carbs, 1g/lb protein, .4g/lb fat. I’m going to keep them around this with one high carb meal per week and see what happens.

As for GP alongside training - that’s still going amazing. The pump is real! Doing any forearm training leaves them borderline numb. I try to do forearms 2-3 times a week as they were previously prone to injury due to having obvious weak tendons. Since doing mostly different styles/weights of wrist curls, I’ve been injury free knock on wood!

Still feeling great fullness, and it’s also somewhat visible to me as well. I’m really happy with it so far and will keep posting updates!

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