SNS Betaine Anhydrous - 100 Grams for $7.46 at! [EXPIRED]

SNS Betaine Anhydrous - 100 Grams for $7.85 at!

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Creatine’s “other half”, betaine is growing more and more popular every day. 2.5g per day will boost strength, power, and size similarly to how creatine does.

Yet another price that won’t be beaten here!

Deal Criteria for SNS Betaine Anhydrous:

  • Price Per Unit to get on Deals Page: $0.080 per Gram
  • Price Per Unit to generate email blast: $0.060 per Gram

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SNS Betaine Anhydrous - 100 Grams for $7.46 at!

Not sure this is really a hot deal, BS has it for 23$ for 1 KG, vs this at 7$ for 100 grams.
Its good if you just want to trail it but there are hugely better deals.

I can agree that there are better deals but that doesn’t make this one a bad deal necessarily. I would pick this up because I want more in my preworkout than I usually get. Having Prime helps.

What’s BS?


Also worth noting that if you buy this stuff in bulk, make sure you also pick up some desiccator packets to keep the stuff dry. Otherwise it gets a wonderful fish odor.

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I think NutraBio has some cheap betaine also

Nutrabio’s price is almost the same per gram w/ this deal. But I’d rather buy Nutrabio or BS myself.