SNS Agmatine XT - Pump lovers dream?

Huge thanks to @SNSJS for the sample bottle of their Agmatine XT for me to log and give some thoughts on.

Such a simple bottle design, but there’s beauty in simplicity. The little metal cap is a nice touch.

Since the stars seem to have aligned, I, for once, have a perfect “pump-free” pre-workout on hand to stack this with, as well as other more fully dosed pre’s to stack with this as well.

Each of my replies to this thread will be a day of my thoughts. I’ll be using my first dose today. I’m thinking of starting off with 2 caps pre-workout, and eventually moving to 3 or 4. My personal thoughts on a product are that if I can use the LEAST of it possible and still get great effects, it’ll almost always be a “re-buy” from me.

What am I looking for with Agmatine XT? Well, on training days, I’d like to have as full of a pump as possible. At my current shape/size, my arms get decently vascular, so i’m hoping to see that pump escalated a bit. On non-training days, i’m planning to split 1 pill in the morning, 1 pill between lunch and dinner, and hoping to at least feel a bit more solid than usual. I don’t expect any veins popping on off days, although that would be pretty cool lol.

Current dieting/training: eating a 300 calorie surplus on a 4 day upper/lower split (Fierce 5 Intermediate).

Current body stats: 185lbs, 6’1"ish, about 15-17% body fat guesstimate.

I’ll start the log off with my next reply just to show what combo i’ll be using today. :slight_smile:


Today’s stack:

First time ever using both of these. I picked up three tubs of Granite’s Speed Force for a great price over the holidays and I’ve been dying to try one of their products full stop. I met John Meadows at Natural Body’s summer event this year and he was one of the nicest, most down to earth people I’ve ever talked to. I sampled his Arc Reactor there and was blown away by the flavor among the knowledge bombs he was dropping on me about the pre.

Can’t wait to give this combo a go! I’ll be updating this thread as I test. :slight_smile:

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This looks like a fun stack. How hot is that Grains of Paradise making you?!

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The GoP were definitely spicy/hot while drinking the pre, that’s for sure. I did break a bit of a sweat, but honestly didn’t sweat too crazy. I think since I just started a new progressive overload program, keeping my lifts conservative for now is keeping my body slightly under worked. I had a great workout (posting results shortly), but since I’m not pushing myself near my limits, I wasn’t dripping like usual lol. Testing again today and likely throughout the next month or so of my Agmatine XT bottle. :slight_smile:

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@blongo804 Thanks for logging.

Days 1 & 2 of Agmatine XT

Long overdue initial thoughts.

This post will serve for both last Thursday (12/7) and Friday (12/8). On both days, I dosed 1g Agmatine XT + 1 serving of Granite’s Speed Force.

These pictures were taken before/after my 12/7 upper body “B” workout. The left side is before, right side is after. I’ll be taking the same pictures today after my upper body “A” workout because I think i’ll have an even better pump after benching. Yes the lighting is different (overhead dingy type of lights at my work on left) (overhead LED/nicer lights at gym on the right), but the pump was very real.

Overall I felt fuller, tighter, and felt that way from my first exercise to my last on both days. On 12/8, it was my lower body “B” workout, but the pump in my arms was still trying to be as present as it was the day before in the pictures.

So far, I’m really liking the pump this stuff provides. It felt very real, and the Agmatine XT, as far as i’m aware, is really the only ingredient I had pre-workout that should provide the pump effect since Speed Force is more of a fat burning, energy providing supplement. I’m excited to try it again today, and even more excited to either (1) up the dose to 1.5g or (2) stack this with something like Re1gn or Total War.

I’ll report back tomorrow!

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Hello veins!

If anything, the stims in Speed Force are vasoconstrictors acting against it (not that I suggest not using stims!!) so you seem to really be responding well to agmatine. Well done!

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Hello veins!

If anything, the stims in Speed Force are vasoconstrictors acting against it (not that I suggest not using stims!!) so you seem to really be responding well to agmatine. Well done!

Awesome info!

I’ve heard of stims acting as vasoconstrictors, but never really dug much into that - i’ll have to.

Definitely excited to see how it goes today. I’ll stick with the 1g + Speed Force, but i’m already itching for more LOL. I already put Re1gn back in my work stash so I have it on hand for one or two sessions with it this week. I get crazy pumps from a full dose of Re1gn, which also has 1g of agmatine already included. Do I dare dose another 1g on top? Guess we’ll see! :wink:

Day 3 of Agmatine XT

12/11 was my third time using Agmatine XT.

My stack was:

Preworkout: 100g banana, 1g Agmatine XT, 1 serving Granite Supplements Speed Force

Barbell Bench 3x6
Incline Barbell Bench 3x9
Lat Pulldowns 3x9
Bent Over Rows (barbell) 3x9
Hammer Curls 3x11 superset Reverse Flies 3x13

Left Arm

Right Arm

My baby veins don’t tell the true story here. Yesterday was easily the biggest pumps I felt from Agmatine XT. My forearms were borderline numb, and my right bicep vein was practically collapsing in on itself during hammer curls. Normally it’s just a straight line up my bicep, but it was all curling and crazy looking yesterday. My chest and arms like they were going to burst. This stuff is awesome. I’m really responding well to it which is exciting and good to know. I need to start taking a picture of the backs of my forearms…vein city back there lol.

Today is lower body. Will report back tomorrow!

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So far so good.


Day 4 of Agmatine XT

Yesterday was day 4.

My stack was:

Preworkout: 100g banana, 1g Agmatine XT, 1 serving Granite Supplements Speed Force

Squats 3x5
Weighted Back Extensions 3x9
Barbell Hack Squat 5x5 (first time doing these)
Leg Curls 3x11
Rope Crunches 3x16
Calf raises 3x13

Agmatine XT has me feeling great. Besides the vascularity and pump, I think i’m also getting the mental effects from it pretty well. I’ve been honed in on my workouts pretty well and even feel better at work it seems by dosing it 1g daily.

Anyways - my arms were showing some signs of vascularity for hardly using them yesterday. My legs entirely were getting a crazy pump from my calves upward. Usually my legs handle whatever I throw at them, but between the new-to-me BB hack squats + I was testing some high bar squats… my legs were practically trembling by the time I was done. The pump I got from hack squats was pretty awesome though so i’ll be continuing those. :smiley:

Overall I felt solid yesterday. I really wanted to check my leg pump but didn’t want to be “that guy” at a commercial gym lol. When I change to pre-work gym sessions i’ll be able to snag some more pictures most likely.

Today is an off day but i’m dosing 500mg Agmatine XT right after breakfast, 500mg a couple hours after lunch. Will report back!


Day 5 & 6 of Agmatine XT

Day 5 was a rest day, so not a whole lot to say. My diet does not change on rest days, fwiw.

I dosed 500mg AXT (we’ll start calling it that for short) in the morning with breakfast, 500mg AXT about 2 hours post-lunch. Throughout the day I felt great and tight as well. No complaints!

Day 6 was yesterday and man it was good.

Small change to the stack for preworkout yesterday…

100g banana, 500mg AXT, full dose (2 scoops) of Olympus Labs Re1gn (the proper formulated one). This equals out to 1500mg of agmatine sulfate.

BB Overhead Press 3x6
Seated Cable Flies 3x11
Pullups 3x5
Pendlay Rows 3x9
Face Pulls 3x13
Tricep pressdowns 3x11

Left Arm

Right Arm

I finally figured out how to get proper before/after. I usually have to pee a fountain by the time I get into the gym and leave, so in-stall before and afters are perfect lol.

Again my baby veins aren’t really telling the full story here. My chest was ready to explode after the cable flies, shoulders felt like boulders after the first set of OHP, and my back felt amazing after pendlay’s and face pulls. Triceps were near numb… I’m loving agmatine. Who knew that one supplement had so many benefits? This was, of course, about +500mg compared to my usual dose, and I’d say I still felt a slight variance between my typical 1000mg dose compared to the 1500mg dose. Very cool!

Now debating if I want these kind of pumps for lower body today. Front squats and romanian deadlifts are on schedule for today so not sure if my legs are ready for crazy pumps like yesterday. Decisions, decisions.

Oh, also to note… “Bulking season” started 12/4. I started at 185 on the dot and weighed in at 187.6 this morning. I started using creatine again (I only stopped because I had to take 2 months off legit lifting due to an arm injury), eating a 300 calorie surplus (added carbs and a bit more proton), and also taking Performax MassMax to hopefully aid in keeping the gains proper. With that being said, I feel like 2.6lbs from 12/4-12/15 is pretty decent. I’ll also be keeping waist measurements to ensure fat gain is kept at a minimum.

I’m feeling tighter and getting stronger, so fingers crossed i’m doing this right. It’s taken a LOT of time and effort both mentally and physically to get myself to where I am today, both diet and training-wise - most of us know that feeling I’m sure. I have confidence in the macros I’ve figured out.

I won’t clutter this log with my diet/training, but just wanted to throw this out there for my own sake. :slight_smile:

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So have you taken 1.5g pre workout yet? :fuelpump:

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Between the Re1gn and AXT yesterday, that was 1.5g and felt amazing. I’d say it was a fairly decent difference from 1g to 1.5g. Very good pump. :smiley:

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Day 7 & 8 of Agmatine XT

12/15 was day 7 training with Agmatine XT.

Preworkout: 100g banana, 500mg AXT, full dose (2 scoops) of Olympus Labs Re1gn

Front Squats 3x6
Romanian Deadlifts 3x9
Leg Extensions 3x11
Leg Curls 3x11
Ab work 3x16 superset Calf Raises 3x13

I’ll keep both of these days shorter and sweeter. Re1gn stacked with 500mg extra Agmatine really gets some good feels going. My hamstrings were on fire this day and energy was through the roof. Really felt awesome.

12/18 was day 8 training with Agamatine XT

Preworkout: 100g banana, 500mg AXT, full dose (2 scoops) of Olympus Labs Re1gn

Barbell Bench 3x5
Incline Barbell Bench 3x8
Lat Pulldowns 3x8
Bent Over Rows (barbell) 3x8
Hammer Curls 3x10 superset Reverse Flies 3x12

This is my favorite day for AXT feelings, especially paired with Re1gn. The pump was unreal, veins were popping, chest was very pumped/tight feeling. I’m really liking agmatine for preworkout and even on off days. Until this log, I didn’t realize how great this stuff was, even after taking a pre that contained it. Very happy with this product so far.

Today i’m planning another Speed Force + AXT stack for lower body day.

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1.5 grams is a killer dose for agmatine.

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Day 9 of Agmatine XT

12/19 was the 9th day I trained using AXT.

To note: I have been using AXT on my off days - not always on the weekend (trying to conserve it), but always on Wednesdays, which is my weekday non-training day.

Preworkout: 100g banana, 1g Agmatine XT, 1 serving Granite Supplements Speed Force

Squats 3x5
Weighted Back Extensions 3x8
Barbell Hack Squat 3x8
Leg Curls 3x10
Rope Crunches 3x15
Calf raises 3x12

As usual, everything felt great. My lifts felt spot on, and my quads/hams were on fire the whole workout. My legs get so tight on these days from both the pump and the workout, and it feels incredible.


Days 10, 11, 12 with Agmatine XT

Honestly i’m really out of whack with this thread so just going to do a quick bulk update here.

My workouts have been basically the same, consistent greatness while stacking AXT with my pre, whether it’s 1g AXT + Speed Force or 500mg + Re1gn.

On lower body days, my quads/hams light on fire, and on upper body, my chest, arms (forearm and upper), and lately, back, get insanely tight and pumped feeling. I wish I had a way to take a proper picture of my back after an agmatine pump. For example, today, before showering at the gym, I noticed my lats were actually visible from the front. Let it be known, i’m somewhat fit, but not the most muscular looking person, so any muscle I spot sticking out is usually a great sign! This was with Re1gn + 500mg AXT.

Overall I’m still loving AXT. I have been using it daily and the effects are really quite prominent for me. It seems another logger on this forum isn’t having the same results oddly, so maybe this varies person to person.

I wonder what kind of flavor agmatine adds to drinks. If it’s basically or fully flavorless, I think it’d be cool to have a daily supplement that includes agmatine… Perhaps something like a BCAA/EAA + caffeine (150mg?) + coconut water powder (500mg?) + agmatine (500-1000mg) would be killer for me IMO. Just thinking/dreaming out loud, don’t mind me lol.

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Days 13, 14, 15 with Agmatine XT (I think?.. probably used it way more training days but we’ll go with that lol)

Again - way out of whack here, but I feel bulk updates, at this point, are fine. SNS’s Agmatine XT has really been fantastic for me.

I will say though, that I don’t feel as great of a pump on lower body days compared to upper. That’s not really a huge surprise or even an issue for me, but just something I want to point out. Historically my upper body (probably most people’s upper body?) has always “pumped” more than my lower, although my lower body is not lacking in muscle, it just doesn’t get that “pump” feeling.

In particular, today was:
BB Overhead Press 3x5
Seated Machine Flies 3x10
Pullups 3x8
Pendlay Rows 3x8
Face Pulls 3x12 superset with Tricep pressdowns 3x10

My pre-workout stack: 4 eggs, 2 toast, 16g peanut butter, 2 scoops Re1gn, 1 capsule (500mg) Agmatine XT

The pump was unreal. I’ve been training in the morning, before work, and it was tough to reach higher places of my body while showering LOL. You can say this pump was from everything but the extra AXT, but I swear this stuff is giving that little extra pump. I’m really loving it and am very grateful for this log opportunity.

Also, I weighed in this morning at 190lbs, up 5lbs exact from 12/4. I have been in a 300 calorie surplus, just bumped it up to 400 calories this week though. I’m on my second bottle of MassMax from Performax Labs and the weight gain definitely feels lean. I’m seeing some body comp changes while my waist is remaining the same, and vascularity has remained the same, if not better. :slight_smile:

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