SNS Agmatine XT - Pump lovers dream?

SNS Agmatine XT - Pump lovers dream?


This is awesome. I’d see if CJ can run some month-long gainer reviews like that, but he’s pretty busy. Anyway, also note that Performax uses agmatine in their SlinMax, so SNS could be adding to this nice stack of yours!!


Mike - interesting note there. Almost like i’m running a MassSlinMax haha. :smiley:

So far i’m certainly a believer of MassMax. It does boost appetite as it’s supposed to, but I have enough self control, probably 95% of the time, to stay on track with my macros still. I’ll be taking another weight/waist measurement this Monday to see the impact of the 100 extra calories.


Lost track of number of days I’ve been using Agmatine XT

Just a general AXT update for everyone.

I’m still going through my bottle of AXT daily. I’ve been dosing anywhere from 500mg-1g, whether training or off day. On training days, I love anywhere from 1g-1.5g for extra pumps/vascularity! On off days, I like AXT in the morning (500g) and 500g before bed. I feel like I wake up feeling great.

I honestly haven’t been updating this log with as much in-depth info anymore because AXT has been consistently good for me. I always get extra pumps by adding 500mg-1g about 30-40 pre workout, so this is definitely going to be a supplement I keep around after I’m through with this bottle. :slight_smile:


Since I have another log i’ll be starting soon, and since I feel like I’ve done Agmatine XT some justice, I’m going to close this one out.

Overall Thoughts

@SNS was very generous to allow me to sample/log this. Before the “loggers wanted” post, I hadn’t really realized how beneficial agmatine was - not only regarding pumps, but for the other health benefits it provides as well. I know how some supplement ingredients work, but not nearly as much as I want to know… always learning and willing to learn more. :slight_smile:

After this run of Agmatine XT, as long as I have the extra cash, I will keep a bottle around. While I don’t look at this as a MUST HAVE supplement, I do find it beneficial for both on and off days. Being that I train 4-5 days a week, if my pre already has a decent agmatine dose, and if I’m feeling broke that particular month or whatever length of time, I probably wouldn’t use AXT for that time. Since I primarily use Re1gn, I technically don’t see much benefit to having AXT around, from a cost perspective. If I choose to switch off from Re1gn being my go-to, and go to a pre without agmatine, I will absolutely buy a bottle of AXT to stack with it. I hope that makes sense.

My bottle is still not done. I find myself almost savoring it at this point because I know it’s coming to its end lol. I’ve still been dosing anywhere from 1g-1.5g a day, pending my pre-workout choice. I have been making sure to have it before bed too as I do feel like I get a better sleep and wake up not so groggy. The pumps, on upper body days, are unreal with this stuff. With my go-to stack, Re1gn, Endur3, and 500-1000mg AXT, you will have painful pumps and have a tough time showering post gym.

All in all, I am grateful for this logging opportunity as it has opened my eyes to supplements like this. I’ve personally never purchased a single ingredient supplement such as Agmatine XT, so this was an eye-opening experience in many ways. I guess I just overlook supplements like this, but thanks to SNS, I won’t be doing that anymore.

Next on my agenda may be SNS X-Gels, potentially stacked with Performax MassMax. I’m finishing up my 2nd bottle of MassMax currently (2-3 weeks or so left) and just looking for something a little extra next by stacking the two. I’m just deciding if ARA supplementation will be okay for me as I feel like I have “meh” joints. Not only do all my joints crack constantly, but I feel like they injury easy too… Maybe i’m a wuss :frowning: lol

Anyways, I hope that wraps this up. Anyone can feel free to PM me if they’re looking for any further information or questions of sort. Thanks again, @SNS!!


ARA should only promote inflammation through increasing prostaglandins and interleukin (6 I think). It shouldn’t increase risk of injury but could possibly make them sore. That said, I doubt it would have that much effect. If taken properly, (empty stomach ~45 minutes preworkout) it will be preferential loaded in the muscle cells and i wouldn’t think it would do much in the joints. That said, I have seen anecdotal reports of increased joint soreness. I’ll have to double check details, but I think SuppVersity posted an update saying that supplementing ARA actually decreased inflammatory status. I didn’t have a great response to it personally, but if you respond well, I know tons of people love it.


Very interesting info! Admittedly I’m still researching whether or not I feel ARA will be beneficial for me, so I definitely appreciate the information. :slight_smile:


No problem! I did a good bit of research before I tried it out first also. I’m pretty sure one of the SNS guys started a thread about X-Gels and put in some links. May be a good place to check for some info.


This should be a link to the update I was talking about. It’s the third of 3 points he covered, so you’ll have to scroll down to get to the info on ARA.


X-Gels stacked with MassMax would be interesting. @blongo804 here is the link for The Arachidonic Acid Help Guide