SNS agmatine XT log, with other stuff

It took me a few days to get around to this so I am the last person to start their log. First impressions are very good, they have a nice bottle with a metallic looking cap and orange capsules. 500 milligrams a capsule with the normal 00 capsules, which is good because using 00 capsules on products with under 400 mg of stuff a capsule gets points deducted.

Now I come from the “James tiny vest” school of thought, so I love me my pump products. I don’t have as much experience with agmatine but I am looking forward to it, I will be testing it by itself, with some citrulline malate, and with citrulline and arginine. I am also interested in the sleep effects, but that test may have to wait.

I also have a few other things I will be testing which I will bring up as I use them.


First test was some cardio, a light workout and stretching with one capsule of agmatine and half a serving of peak sx-7, basically 200 mg of Peak-Atp, which I got for rather cheap on amazon(11$).
The cardio actuly surprised me with how fast it went I was only slightly paying attention and looked back and realized I did about double what I thought I did, This is probably more from the peak atp but pump products do help with endurance.

The workout(just dumbbells on arms and shoulders) gave a decent pump, nothing mind blowing but it worked alright. I think it will work better with something else stacked with it.

As for stretching I am working on getting some better lower body flexibility so I can do dead lifts and squats with better form, and hopefully avoid needing assistance to stand up the next day.
I may go and post the routine once I find names for all of the stretches involved, but so far its worked alright, you just need to do it and stick with it.


Subbed. Interested in seeing the stretches you are using.

Had a few rest days as I had someone visiting for the week.

On the sleep side of things I definitely notice something there, I need a few more tries without a furnace that likes to snuggle next to me.

I agree with the earlier point of it giving a deeper sleep but not really assisting in getting to sleep.

I did do some more cardio which I interestingly like this for, better blood flow yay.
On that note still testing out the PEAKATP, and I can now say it 100% works. After about 30 minutes in I noticed a distinct point were I stopped feeling tired/winded.
Something I have been wondering is if the ATP effects/prevents fat loss, I have a feeling it does to a very minor degree since it is a energy source, but that’s a topic for another time.

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Almost forgot to reply to this, they are all focused on the lower body, working on a post explaining them, its a fairly basic routine but it works.

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Forgive the delay in posting, was sick a few days, still have a headache.

Today I’ll finally get to try it out with a couple other pump ingredients, ok allot of other ingredients.

~1.5 scoops of “Hi-dosis” giving me 6 grams of cituline malate
~8 grams of arginine, definitely gives a pump, but seems to be inconsistent with some people, I would love to see more research on it. Warning if you buy this have something sour or buy citric acid, you cannot take this straight.
1 scoop of IForce max out providing 1 gram of potassium nitrate, and sadly 1.6 grams of GMS…
30 MG of vinpocetine for that brain pump! and mainly to get rid of that headache, which it mostly did(about 70%).
and 2 capsules of agmatine, providing a gram of agmatine.

In terms of my opinions of all of the ingredients, Hi-dosis is ridiculously sour, but that’s balanced by arginine which is horribly alkaline, combined they balance out a good bit for a normal-ish lemon taste and a great pump. Hopefully that didn’t lower the PH enough to break patent law.

Iforce max out has a good flavor absolutely ruined by the GMS in my opinion, you just cannot mix it and it adds a terrible grainy texture that gets worse as you drink it, If it didn’t have the GMS I would love the stuff, but its there and I don’t know if theres any way to remove it.

Vinpocetine is interesting, like allot of nootropics its hard to actuly feel the effects but it does seem to relieve headaches, and might reduce nitrate tolerance.

Finally agmatine which I have already talked about here.

This whole blend also gives a ton of caffeine(around 600 MG) which was sadly unavoidable in my current arsenal of supplements. Maybe I’ll get a stim free preworkout next time a good one is on sale.

Results in about an hour.

I really like doing DC stretches after workouts. The Lat Stretch is my favorite. Hang on a chinup bar with a 45lb plate.This is not me in picdclatstretch4ln

Agmatine bonds to the same receptors in the body’s enzymes as arginine, making them competitive inhibitors of each other. It’s best not to take them within an hour of each other. Same reason to not eat or take protein within about an hour of taking any PWO with agmatine

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Results, really good pumps, I am a big fan of nitrates and arginine. I did my usual arm routine with a bit of chest mixed in after I realized I had a bench that worked perfectly as a bench.
Looking forward to renewing the gym membership, I miss triceps pull downs.

I have been wondering why nitrates aren’t used more, is it a thermolife patent issue?

Is this for the physiological effects or only neurological? If the former are there any studies on it? I haven’t researched this heavily myself but if there is research on it I would like to see it. Wouldn’t the same also apply to citrulline then?

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@Anthony Great post man.

@Christianmelon this is the best info I have found on Agmatine.

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I believe only for neurological, as it only affects where agmatine is acting a neurotransmitter if I recall correctly. And interesting thought with Citrulline, I presume the same doesn’t apply since it’s absorption is exponentially faster than taking arginine

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With the results I’ve seen from this Agmatine product I’m starting to wish I had requested to log it too!

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Would you log EpiPlex here??

PricePlow writeup CEL Epi-Plex: High Quality, Affordable (-)-Epicatechin

Without a doubt, I’d love to!

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PM me your mailing address with email. I will have shipping email you tracking#.

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@Anthony message sent man

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I’m not too familiar with the science behind it but in this case I am using it for the pump, I’m assuming it doesn’t get in the way of that, at least it does not seem to, Cituline likely would affect it the same way since it’s converted into arginine(but does have a different intestinal transporter, which is why I like them together).

Assuming the sleep benefits are neurotransmitter affected then it would be a good idea to take it separate from everything else, maybe I’ll try and test it

Can’t say I’m not jealous, lucky jerk :stuck_out_tongue:


Not too much today, Finally broke out my old bag of yombine HCL from the good ol powder city days and took a bit with some fasted cardio, bit fan of the stuff but its a very dirty stimulant and somewhat unpleasant even if it works well. Wish I could find my L theanine.
Also trying out skald since it has a 90% off coupon floating around, I am distinctly not a fan of the taste, I do not like lemonade type flavors.
Still too early to give opinions on the effects, but this is the type of thing that should not be above 50 cents a serving(normally cost 1$/s)


Was out for a couple of days due to a persistent headache. Also had issues going to sleep, ended up taking a rather hefty 2 gram dose, didn’t help me get to sleep but I woke up nice and early feeling rather refreshed for the 5 hours of sleep I ended up getting, Honestly I think agmatine is worth it for the sleep alone.

Going to be dieting down over the next few weeks, ended up snatching some rather nice deals on allot of stuff around the Christmas, and just had some stuff stocked up from earlier.

Diets for me either result in nothing or 20 pounds, mainly because I like food, can eat like a truck and aren’t particularly hardcore about it.

I’l give my opinion of various products as I go along

I’ll start off with two fat burners I have, both which I picked up because they were the cheapest thing on the market for the ingredient I wanted to try.

Lipodrene, I agree with the statement that its strong, I am not a fan of its capsules though they have a horrid smell that I can’t even describe but its like a taser to the nostrils, it taste just as bad so you have to take it without tasting or smelling it, afterwords its really hard on the stomach(IE throw up if taken alone hard) if you don’t have something with it, which is a shame because I like fasted cardio with yohimbine.

The other one is FURIAN XTREME!!! which you know is hard core because it spells extreme with only 2 Es.
This is also a bit unpleasant on the stomach and I would likely have preferred it with less caffeine but it has good doses all around, I don’t like it at two capsules, I’m not sure if its the stims or the paradoxine but it gives a sickly overheated feeling, The product is good but if I got to decide I would have lowered the caffeine by about 120 MG(down to 150MG).
The paradoxine is fairly minor in terms of heat generation as far as I can tell, which I suppose is better then too aggressively dosed Y’s hellfire and cold sweat.

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Haven’t gotten much of a chance to train over the past week due to some medical issues including insomnia that saw me only getting an hour of sleep on some nights, I am sorry that I haven’t really updated it during that.

I think I am going to call the log here as I don’t have much to say about the product that I haven’t already said and I would like to try a slightly different style of log.
Thanks @SNSJS for the chance to do this even if it was rather a rather awkward log(I am not an experienced logger).

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