SNS agmatine XT log, with other stuff

To finish it off my closing thoughts on the product. There isn’t much to say about the product itself, SNS makes good, single ingredient products at fairly decent prices, this is currently the cheapest capsule based agmatine product I know of, and it even beats out several of the powders, and it comes in a nice bottle.

The pumps are good and it stacks well with other products, but the biggest area that it shines for me is improving sleep/recovery, It doesn’t help with getting to sleep, but it made my actual sleep noticeably better and I think I will keep it in my general rotation once I get my insomnia properly sorted out.
I once again thank SNSJS for the log opportunity and hope to improve my logging skills.

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Thanks for the review! I hadn’t ever heard of using agmatine for sleep before this logging opportunity was posted, so it’s nice to hear it helped you with that! I’ll have to give that a shot at some point.

Thanks for the great log. @Christianmelon


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it This one was a bit hard to say much about but I did like doing the log!

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