Smolov training?

Smolov training?


Wondering if anyone here has tried this program or know anyone who has?


Sure, I come from a powerlifting background/community.

The general gist is “will make unreal progress if you’re FUCKING EATING AND SLEEPING ENOUGH REEEE, will horribly injure you if not”


Thanks that’s kinda what I’m thinking too.


I did smolov on my bench. If you’re not eating an insane amount, sleeping consistently 10 hours a night, and taking all the recovery measures you can afford, I wouldn’t look at it.

There are many more reasonable programs that can put good weight on your lifts. In fact, after coming on with Brandon Lilly and dialing back my training weights, I’ve put on better strength than probably ever before in 3 months.


OK. That was the next one I want to look at is the cube method he uses. Love to see more logs on his method.


I ran the cube kingpin before I signed on with him and had great results. His actual 1 on 1 programming has been amazing to me


What all do you get with the 1 on 1 training? I know he does some online coaching… Is that what you do?


He has a few different levels but I pay him for personalized training just for myself and my competitions. He does train heroic, and he does some other programs that he dictates the purpose and flow of, like his hardened athlete program for example.


Thanks I appreciate the info.
I will be looking more Into this after my knee gets cleared. I just recently got a " Intermediate tear on my pcl" and a few other things from a fall. Sucks I was on goal to squat 500 this year too.


you’ll bounce back man!