Sleep Aid recommendations

I suffer from Sleep Apnea, so I like to take a sleep aid when I go to sleep at night. They do help me out a lot with getting uninterrupted sleep, and I typically will not sleep more than 5 or 6 hours without one, thanks to 20 years in the Army and working in multiple time zones and on different cycles constantly. I am just curious what you guys would recommend as a good sleep aid, I will list the ones I have tried and my thoughts for reference:

Delta XT - MAN (Worked great, gave me a get up and go feeling in the AM, loved it)
Fade Out - REDCON1 (worked great, flavor was not so great)
Mass HGH - Lecheek (did not enjoy this at all)
Anesthetized - Blackstone Labs (this worked great and tasted great)
ZMA Jym (works fine, but I like a little extra than just ZMA at night)
Resurrect PM - RCSS (Old formula was my absolute favorite, new formula is not good at all)
Rest Every Muscle - Run Everything (Currently taking, helps me fall asleep due to Melatonin, but does not keep me asleep)
NIghtmare - Insane Labz (Surprisingly pretty great)
G-Spring - Magnum (huge dose of melatonin so it knocks you out, but i hated the groggy feeling in the morning)
REM PM - Man (Terrible)
Sleep/GH - Prime (okay, but would not take again)

I typically like a low dose of melatonin, anything over 5g gives me that terrible sleep hangover. I know I can just try what works, but I truly enjoy branching out and trying different supplements, I imagine we all do here! I want to find a great formula that puts me to sleep, and gives me that LETS GET UP AND CRUSH IT feeling on wake up.

I am considering trying Amino PM - Muscle Elements, but it is a bit pricey. So send the recommendations my way please

Aside from the melatonin dose, ever checked out 5% Nutrition Knocked The F* Out?

Another one that may interest you is Sleep Aid by MTS Nutrition.

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When I have trouble sleeping ,I just take Benadryl. It will make you sleep better than any of those products you mentioned and at a fraction of the cost.

It seems what works for folks varies dramatically, depending on what exactly is messing up their sleep.

Often it could just be electrolytes… Buy some magnesium glycinate and potassium citrate. Most folks don’t get enough of those in their diets anyway. Won’t hurt anything, unless you take WAAAAAAAAAY too much.

Some folks are more sensitive to blue light than others, which mucks with circadian rhythms. You can get blue blocking glasses on Amazon for $15 to wear in the evenings when watching TV/phone/computer.

Core ZZZ was very impressive I suffer from some insomnia and that sht worked so well. Outbreak Refugee seems decent.

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If you have sleep apnea, see about getting a CPAP. Nothing else will compare.

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OH I have been on a Sleep apnea machine going on 2 years now. I wear the mask because I open my mouth so no nasal pillow for me. Hence why I like to add a sleep aid. I always had trouble sleeping anyways. I had pretty severe sleep apnea so it is night and day without my mask, nothing like being darth vator!!

I would suggest watching @TheSolution YouTube channel…

I kid I kid…

Melatonin gives me a headache…
Taking Alpha-Brain during the day (by Onnit) really helps me sleep at night
Advil PM is good (1 pill not 2)


You’ve done messed up now


you can also try REM Recovery for your sleep aid supplement, it is soothing and helps in deep healing sleep.

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