Shake One - Let Blue Star help you start your day giveaway

Shake One - Let Blue Star help you start your day giveaway

What’s your caloric intake normally like for the one meal? I’ve been seeing this trend a lot around my workplace


I don’t track my caloric intake but I can put down anywhere between 2000 and 5000 calories within a couple hours (depending on hunger level). I just make sure to have some meat, eggs, nuts/seeds along with some veggies and a protein shake during that time.

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Devin, I checked your IG to see what you look like but you have no pictures of yourself! What gives?


Correct. My previous employer recommends not posting any personal identifiable photos on social media for safety reasons…so I don’t :sunglasses:

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How do we know you even lift? ; )


I don’t…only do eccentric training :rofl:


Ahh yes always a good rule of thumb. Up until I retired from the Army I had no social media presence.


Really good entries so far! I see a lot of you are early risers like myself.

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I feel like now and days, we have to be in order to pay all the bills. Hah.

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Morning routine:
I wake up, pee for 3 minutes straight because I have a terrible habit of turbohydrating at like 8 PM.
Soak my hair under the faucet because it’s extremely curly and frizzy and no one can ever know, style for work (medium hold high shine pomade currently, usually high hold no shine).
Brush my teeth while assembling my clothes, then get dressed when I’m no longer at risk of staining my shirts with toothpaste.
Grab breakfast, some form of caffeine, hydration, and my lunch for the day, and somehow carry that all out to the car. Eat breakfast while I drive an hour to work, either listening to a podcast or heavy music to get me awake.

I love coffee, usually iced. If it’s good coffee, I like it black or with cream. If it’s cheap, I like it with cream, sugar, and flavors that aren’t Hazelnut or Mocha. My current Dunkin order is a large iced with the banana split flavored syrup.

As for my interest in the flavors, Cappuccino > Vanilla > Chocolate

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Haha I have that same issue @Caribou

I keep about 20oz of water on my nightstand in case I wake up in the middle of the night. I drink about the same right before bed.

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I will be pulling this promo first thing next week. FYI for any last minute entries