SAMe Supplements: Better Mood the Natural Way

SAMe Supplements: Better Mood the Natural Way


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The SAMe Supplement (S-Adenosyl Methionine) is a naturally occurring nootropic that enhances brain function, combats depression, and even supports liver health. Are you feeling alone? Do you find yourself not enjoying the things you used to? Is your life nothing but an endless stream of stress, frustration, and depression? Well,… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Thanks for the excellent write-up! Gonna try this out in my anxiety/mood stack! Buying the Now Foods 400mg


Happy you’re pleased with the article I wrote @TheChadd!

Give this one a shot next time you’re looking for stuff to help beat stress, anxiety, etc.


I often see SAMe in enterically coated tablets. Did you come across anything suggesting this is necessary? I’ve always been curious how essential that is.

Also, I believe Genius Joy will yield 500mg of SAMe because it’s bonded to a stabilizing agent. The 1000mg could be the yield though, I don’t think they specify.


TMG converts to SAMe so that might be the cheaper option


I don’t think it converts so much as just supports the methylation pathway, similar to how they recommend folic acid and B12 when taking SAMe. That said, I think I’ve heard before that TMG can more or less “recharge” SAMe.


As per me we should welcome Nootropics in our life. Actually they are nothing but brain power booster as well as body relaxant. I have used them several times and still using for better mental health.


I agree. However, I am a little nervous that long term side effects may be found later. It’s not stopping me, but always sits in the back of my mind.