Revive MD LIVER: Elite Liver Health Supplement

Originally published at: Revive MD LIVER: Elite Liver Health Supplement

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so…what’s the scoop on NAC? I heard FDA banned it as an OTC supplement. You can’t buy NAC on Amazon as of May or June of this year.

I stocked up on it from just in case it’s going to be gone for good.

Last I heard, it’s not “banned” per se. Just got placed on an advisory or watch list, which for Amazon equals removing it from the site.

NAC has been used to treat people with Covid. The belief is that the Govt stepped in to prevent it, because of well Big Pharma…


lol, I knew that part, but didn’t wanna say it. But is it just a threat, or an outright ban? I can still buy it in some places


If that was the case, no mass market store or company would sell it.

A good rule of thumb, if NAC disappears from the NutraBio website, it is banned.