Regarding APS Mesomorph (DMAA version)

Regarding APS Mesomorph (DMAA version)



What’s the PricePlow team consensus on what preworkout still available in 2018 comes closest to the original APS Mesomorph in terms of the feeling of relaxation/euphoria?

Thanks for your time!


Nootropimax from Performax labs does a good job of this. @Mike and @Matt_Towson can comment further of course.


What kinda preworkout is making you feel relaxed is the real question




Jameson?..Asking for a friend of course


I think the new legal moonshine would do the trick


Jameson is crap whiskey


I was going to ask but I didn’t want to come off as a dick lol


Why the hell are you experiencing relaxation from DMAA…


I’m not saying I like it…not a Whiskey guy…

But if you are going to say something is crap, you have to tell us what you prefer.


Good old jack daniels for this guy


Drugsssss mmmmkayyyy




WR Double Oaked, Angels Envy and Four Roses or 1792 if being cheap.


Seriously, back on topic the only thing close to a dmaa pre will be something with dmha and re1gn takes the title there for me I believe because it has the natural type. Meso is anything but relaxing to me, quite aggressive actually


i concur, Re1gn is the heaviest hitter currently, that i have used.


Angels envy :grimacing:


I take it you aren’t envious?


Yeah the whole relaxing thing is throwing me off, but I would have to put the DMHA version of Arez up there with Re1gn. I know it has been reformulated, but I believe Amazon and few other places still have the DMHA version in stock. Stuff is like rocket fuel


Are you saying I’m not an angel??? :smiling_imp: