Redcon1 RPG Question

Anyone try this and measure their glucose levels? Been on this for a couple of days and so far I’m liking the fullness and pumps. Don’t have a monitor right now unfortunately.

@TheSolution measures his blood glucose and has tried a bunch of GDAs. I remember he said once the ones he used, but I forget. Maybe he’ll chime in.

RPG was one that fell down the list of my favorites or that helped baseline my blood glucose levels the fastest.

Chaos & Pain Predator
Evomuse Slintensity
HPScience Glycoshield
Primeval Lags Primalog
have been the most effective by a landslide and the ones I would recommend.

I test 90-120 minutes after all my carb based meals (25-50-75-100g carbs) and utilize then on cheat meals.

Companies that are praised that I did not get much out of
Performax Slinmax
Redcon RPG
SNS Glycophase
Blackstone Glycolog

I have had some very interesting readings on certain food sources too. For example Quest bars spike my blood glucose levels very high. I even work with a type 1 diabetic who if he eats a quest bar it makes his insulin levels skyrocket. It makes me very curious if their total net carbs is truly correct on their labels.

You can see my HPS Review here with all my readings:


Thanks, the Glycoshield review has what I was looking for. Going to pick up monitor this weekend and see what I get .

I bought Robert a glucometer to do this kind of stuff. I think it would be YouTube gold for some of us geeks. People love this kind of “experiment of one” stuff.

I may need to do it myself someday.

Even surprised?

I have RPG right now on a good deal and that was on my bucket list next to Glycolog. But how did Primalog specifically do for you @TheSolution

How does it compare to a scoop of protein powder?

Scoop of protein powder = Much less spike then a quest bar by almost 10 ng/dl

Primalog was much better then RPG, hence why I ranked it as I did. It baselined my BG much faster. RPG did not change my Blood glucose much on meals above 50g of carbs or cheat meals. while the top 4 products did.

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Much appreciate this. I’m out of my depth at times trying to keep up with the GDA game.

That is why I use a BG Monitor. That is the true test of a GDA. if it can’t baseline your insulin then its not doing too much for you in the grand scheme of things. It is like 3rd party testing the product to see if it does what it is supposed to.

In the industry now and days we don’t knwo what people are putting in powders or capsules unless we virtually see a COA / 3rd party test. how many GDA’s do we see that for? absolutely none of them.

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In the interest of myself and OP of this thread…

Would you go so far as to say RPG is useless?
Do you have a comparison in mind that can make the results more relative?

I compared it to the 4 top GDA’s I personally feel are the best on the market. Those 4 baseline my blood glucose the fastest. That is the MAIN POINT of a Glucose Disposal Agent. You are trying to keep your Blood Glucose numbers down. What happens when you eat carbs? It spikes insulin levels (more then fat and protein sources do). In order to prevent fat from being stored you want to get your insulin back down to baseline and prevent it from staying elevated. If you constantly elevate insulin and keep blood glucose high it raises your chances of the calories and nutrients being stored as fat.

Therefore when RPG did not baseline my numbers fast, and kept them elevated when tested on meals with 25,50,75,100g of carbs + on cheat meals it shows it was not as proficient as the others I placed above it.

Useless? I would say no, but just not as effective as the others.

If you want better results you need to show your body metabolizing the nutrients/calories by baselining your blood glucose. Even several hours after a meal my Blood glucose levels were be higher in ng/dl compared to the top 4 I quoted above.

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I just don’t want to continuously feel like I’m taking a dud in the RPG when I’m only a handful of servings into it. I don’t like to skimp on GDAs.

Same here, I been on it for a week. Seeing fullness but need to start monitoring to see if it’s doing what’s it’s intended

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Well you need to understand what a GDA Is supposed to do. If you just take something without understanding its true benefits and potential, then you really are just shelling out money for pills without knowing if its worth your money or time.

For example: Getting fullness from a GDA could be attained for 3x cheaper in buying a tub of noxygen or bulk agmatine/citrulline and dosing pre-workout for far less then what you paid for RPG. If it is not helping you keep BG under control, and you see your numbers still staying elevated after meals, well then its not really doing much for you in the grand scheme of things especially for what it is labeled to do in controlling your glucose and “disposing” of it.

True, got my monitor coming from amazon tomorrow. Hoping I didn’t over pay for pumps lol

Well you will need to test not just RPG but others you have tried, then compare the results.

I would suggset doing this

take BG Upon waking (Baseline)
Take 90 minutes after a 25g Carb meal (1 serving RPG)
Take 90 minutes after a 50g Carb meal (1 Serving RPG)
Take 90 minutes after 75g Carb Meal (1 Serving RPG)
Take 90 minutes after 100g Carb Meal (1 Serving RPG)
Take 90 minutes after cheat meal (1 serving RPG)
Take Reading 90 minutes after a regular meal (NO RPG)

see the difference in your BG with RPG and Without. That way you have your baseline numbers (upon waking) to compare them to and see how fast it drops your levels. This proves how effective the product truly is.

As always results will vary from person to person, but RPG was down the list that effected my BG levels as well as some others. Hopefully it was not wasted money on your end!

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This is my first GDA, but I’ve had people tell me they had similar experience with RPG, after I bought it :expressionless:. Like you said everyone is different. One question, did you take the RPG 30 min before meals or less time?

15-30 minutes prior for the exact test above