HPScience Glycoshield GDA Review

HPScience Glycoshield GDA Review


HPScience Glycoshield

Information on GDA

Glycøshield represents a GDA for weight management & nutrient partitioning product. Glycøshield is a clinically dosed nutrient partitioner & glucose disposal agent, it also includes clinically studied and trademarked ingredients that have been shown in studies to boost metabolism, prevent excess fat gain & blood sugar spikes, prevent & reverse type 2 diabetes, lower bad cholesterol, act as an anti inflammatory & more.


Less then 50g = 1 Cap
50-75g Carbs = 2 Caps
75-100g Carbs = 3 Caps
150+g = 4 Caps
Cheat meals = 4 Caps

Dose 20-30 Minutes Prior to a meal.


250mg Garcinia Cambogia (can block fat production)
190mg Berberine HCL (control of insulin/glucose levels and lipid parameters)
170mg Salaretin (transport/usage of fatty acids to fuel bodily processes)
150mg Banaba Leaf (lowers amounts of insulin to shuttle glucose into cells )
120mg Olive Leaf Extract (increase insulitn sensitivity)
120mg Gymnema Sylvestre (proven to lower blood glucose levels)

Monitor Readings

** All readings are 90 minutes post meal.
** 2 Caps 15 minutes prior to carb meal (Requested by Company)
** Carb meal amounts are listed

Upon Waking: (Baseline) – 85 mg/dl

90 Minutes after 25g Carb with 1 Cap – 30 mg/dl
175g Cooked Potatoes

90 minutes after 50g Carbs with 1 Caps – 61 mg/dl
7 Rice Cakes

90 Minutes after 25g Carbs with 2 Caps – 43 mg/dl
4 Rice Cakes

90 minutes after 50g Carbs with 2 Caps: - 97 mg/dl (Bad reading?)
Carb meal was 7 Rice Cakes (49g Carbs)

90 minutes after 75g Carbs with 2 Caps: - 85 mg/dl
Carb meal was 5 Rice Cakes + Honey + Banana

90 minutes after 100g Carbs with 2 Caps: - 53 mg/dl
4 Servings of Cereal

90 minutes after Cheat Meal with 2 Caps – 137 mg/dl
Thai Food → Appetizer, Entrée, and Deep Fried Cheesecake

90 Minutes after Cheat Meal with 4 Caps: - 90 mg/dl
Pint of Ice Cream



  • Weight dropped on Day 1 with no dietary changes or training changes.
    -BG is baselining very fast from resting in 25 – 100g Cap Meals (some readings were up and down).
  • Improved digestion. Less overall bloating.


  • Hunger increase since starting Glycoshield. For those who can’t have self control they will overeat due to hunger pains.
  • BG reached lows of 30-40, which is half of my resting. This could cause hypo like symptoms for some individuals, which could be a health scare.

Tracking my Weight
I will note any weight changes during my use of Glycoshield. I am making 0 dietary changes, the only thing changed is the addition of the GDA

I started Glycoshiled Wednesday Jan 10th in the afternoon
Mon Jan 8th – 172
Tue Jan 9th – 171.6
Wed Jan 10th – 170.2 (Started Glycoshield with last 2 carb meals)
Thur Jan 11th – 169.4 (took with 75g carb meals and 100g carb meals BG Dropped 30 from resting)
Friday Jan 12th- 170 (Was hungry and had extra food on top of calories still below daily average)
Saturday Jan 13th – 170.4 (Back to regular diet)
Sunday Jan 14th – 170.6 (Non Workout Day)
Monday Jan 15th - 170.4 (After Cheat Meal and 4 Cap dosing)

Redcon1 RPG Question
Primeval Labs Primalog: The Go BIG or Go Home GDA

Wow your response to the product seems to vary significantly. Are these meals throughout the day? I assume you’ve been testing throughout the day and not just first thing in the morning for each of these. Have you noticed these kinds of variances in blood glucose response to meals throughout the day without using a GDA? Anyway, nice info/review! I’ll be keeping an eye on this for sure. Have you used many other GDAs you can compare this to?


The times are right at the top right of the Blood Glucose Monitor.
The reasoning for the changes in BG are the carb amounts hence why i listed it and my dosing for each individual meal. MY readings were FANTASTIC. my BG was almost cut in half for 25-50g carb meals. Of course a cheat meal will spike like crazy, that is a given.

I ate a pint of ice cream and almost baselined in 2 hours which is incredible. This is why you take readings with a GDA to see how potent it is.

The goal of a GDA is to help reduce back to your baseline (Resting) or go below. This shows that your blood glucose is in control and insulin is minimized. Food is being digested and absorbed and your body is processing the meals you are giving it. You don’t want to keep insulin elevated (which is a recipe for fat gain) especially if you are consuming carbs throughout the day. If your insulin or blood glucose stays high the chances of things being stored as fat are greater.

Ive used over a dozen GDA’s

Predator by C&P
Slintensity by Evomuse
Glycolog by Blackstone
Slin Sane
Glycodrive (Blue Star)
Partition MD (Prime)
Slin Max (Performax)
Primalog (Primeval Labs)

and quite a few more

HPScience Glycolog, Chaos and Pain Predator, Slintensity, Primalog are my top 4 in that order


I’m really interested in this GDA. Thank you for making me aware of its existence. I’ve been using GlycoSlin by Alchemy Labs. So far i’ve been enjoying it


Ill be 100% honest. I have used my BG Monitor on almost every GDA I test, and this one baselined me the fastest. If not it dropped my BG below my resting (upon waking) showing how powerful and quick it does work.


Thanks for sharing your review Bob! Glad to see it worked as effectively as it did for you.