RedCon1 - Aaron's Birthday Today so EVERYONE saves 30%!

RedCon1 - Aaron's Birthday Today so EVERYONE saves 30%!

Today happens to be the birthday of the “Anabolic CEO” @AaronSingerman! To celebrate, everyone gets 30% off RedCon1 with the code: CEO30!

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Should have made the joke for the code to be C30


I agree that should have been the code! Well maybe next year! only 365 more days to plan it out haha

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Hmmmm, might have to stock up on Boomstick for next time my girlfriend comes to visit.


Well that’s it. Pack it on up, folks. The best comment of the day has been posted!


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Agreed…mic drop and walk away…

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Shame RPG is out of stock I was tempted to pick it up to try it out for a log.


Maybe try boomstick? That should give you a log.


@mattceno Actually question how does RPG compare to glycolog?

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Almost the same formula just RPG has slightly higher dosages which will give you better results.


Does it also use the super berbine? (berbine with the cyclodextrin delivery)


Doesnt use Super Berberine, but HCI Berberine.


How does that compare?


It’s one of my favorite GDA’s as of the past two weeks


What’s your dosing been? ie how many carbs per cap, more or less?


I usually go with 60+ carbs with a 4 cap dose/30-40 carbs it’s 2 caps. So you could say 15-20 carbs per cap? I’ve been using the 4 cap dose twice daily with breakfast and preworkout or dinner. I’ve only been sticking with 2 servings per day. Tried 3 servings one day to see what would happen and I became lightheaded so I know it’s a strong product.

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Just bought RPG, looks good on paper. I noticed it was out of stock in a lot of places, you guys reformulating?


Sadly it was out of stock when they had the sale. If I had to guess it was manufacturing difficulties.

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Not reformulating, just took longer to produce :frowning: Its in stock now!