Quick Announcment

Quick Announcment

Hey Friends!

Some of you may know already, but after this week, I will no longer be associated with PricePlow.

There is absolutely nothing negative about this situation. Back in September, Mike realized it was difficult to coordinate filming days because I live in DFW (a good 3+ hour drive from Austin). He knew when I came on board that I would eventually leave after I completed law school and became an attorney. Well, the Bar exam is this week and Lord willing, I will pass (ironic that it’s in Austin).

I will still be here on the forum and still willing to offer any advise or opinion on anything you need! It’s been a fun ride and I’m grateful to Mike for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the team. It’s been a wonderful experience and I have nothing but love for PricePlow and the following.



Damn, sorry to see you go, but glad you’re starting on the next leg of your journey in life. Happy to hear you’ll still be sticking around on the forums though.

Best of luck on your exam! Don’t forget about us meatheads when you’re a bigshot lawyer

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Man, I loved your input on the videos, but alas, this is life. Good luck on BAR my man! I’ll do my best to turn you onto more things like I did the cookie butter :grimacing:


Good luck! Crush that bar exam like you crush those weights! Hope to still see you around.


Best of luck. Send me all of your supplements you received during. I have an ac controlled storage set up and ready.


When you become an attorney, will you join the fight to get our DMAA back?? :joy:


Good luck with the BAR exam @Matt_Towson


Good luck on the bar, man!


Best of luck, Matt!!


Damn…well best of luck of course…especially with your law degree etc…