Primeval Labs Primalog: The Go BIG or Go Home GDA

Primeval Labs Primalog: The Go BIG or Go Home GDA


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Primeval Labs is about to turn carbohydrates from your worst nightmare to your best friend with their fully-dosed glucose disposal agent (GDA) Primalog. You’re about to read about a Glucose Disposal Agent so loaded, there’s seven capsules per serving! Carbohydrates — are they friend or foe? Watch enough news or… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Dios mio, seven capsule GDA

Who wants donuts?!


I’ve been wanting to try a GDA and this one seems pretty legit. I also want donuts. :smiley:


How does this compare to Core Nutritionals LOAD which is 6 capsules and massively doses as well? I’m curious as to your opinion since you know much more about these ingredients.


I’m unfamiliar with GDA’s in general and I just read the blog to try and understand a little bit. What are the side-effects of taking these type of supplements and what happens if you don’t hit the correct carbs before taking it? Is this something suited for advanced athletes or joe schmoe?


I like this far better, but truth be told, it will probably come down to how good their berberine extract is. I think that’s a HUGELY important thing, at least per Shawn Wells of BioTrust.

The issue I Have with Core LOAD is that over 3 of those capsules are dedicated to green coffee bean extract, and they’re citing a bunch of rat studies on their site. Problem is, the one human study that used GCBE and tested blood sugar levels had nothing different from baseline.

It’s at but is only discussed in the full text, not the abstract.

So you’re getting 2g of something that may or may not really help what you’re doing here, whereas Primeval’s has tons that are known to shuttle blood sugars.

Someone can holler at Core and see if they have a better response. I’m not against 2g GCBE, I’m just not so sure it’s going to drop blood sugar. Maybe a test we can run on each other some day!


This post may not be the post to explain the general idea, but essentially, these products are often called “insulin mimickers” because they help your body better handle blood sugar.

Health-wise, keeping blood sugar down is one of the most important things you can do for longevity and staying away from metabolic syndrome. The average person who doesn’t train should of course just eat less carbs if their blood sugar is sky high all the time, of course, but good berberine works as well (if not sometimes better) than prescription drugs like Metformin for the same purpose.

Body composition wise, these supplements can theoretically help you shuttle those sugars into muscle tissue instead of fat cells, assuming you’re training hard.

Training-wise, when you take this, and then carbs, then go train, you can get some legendary pumps, because of the aforementioned affect. The agmatine will also be nice in this one for that purpose.

It’s always good to have at least one GDA in the house to take before you go to a cheat meal.

The issue is if you don’t eat carbs (which is a concern with this label!!! It doesn’t say to eat carbs!!!) or not enough carbs, your blood sugar can drop and you can go hypoglycemic, which can be a seriously bad situation.

This is CLEARLY an advanced product, which is why we say in the blog post that 3-4 caps should probably be fine for starters, especially if you’re not crushing 150g carbs or something crazy like that.

Hope that helps explain in general without citations


Thanks so much for the response. You guys are the go to when in comes to information and I appreciate the explanation.


No problem, thank you back at ya.

For the record, I plan on testing products like Primalog in a way different method – when consuming too much protein but trying to prevent spillover into gluconeogenesis (many of the protein amino acids will get converted into glucose if you don’t need the extra protein). That glucose can then also get shuttled into the muscle.

It may prevent me from spilling out of ketosis if I eat a gigantic huge steak when I’m on the keto diet. Worth trying!


How do you think this stacks up against Redcon1’s RPG? for nearly the same price 30 servings vs 60… thoughts?


Both share
1g Gymnema
500mg Bitter Melon
300mg Berberine
100mg of ALA Forms

60mg Banana Leaf Extract (Enhance insulin sensitivity)
500mg Cinnamon Extract (Reduce BG Levels)
25mg Paradoxine (increase EE , found in thermos)

500mg Banana Powder (induce glut4/increase insulin)
750mg Agmatine (Pumps/Nutrient Partitioner)
250mg C3G (incease Glut4)

So you see a difference in the ALA forms used between both nutrient partitioning Both are going to equal 200mg, so it could be negligable in comparing those… Primalog also has the C3G which is a very expensive raw extremly powerful in increasing glut4. Agmatine is also a potent raw used in many pump powders to help with nutrient partitioning. You may see RedCon1’s to shine a bit more in a dieting phase with the inclusion of Paradoxine which helps increase energy expenditure. ON paper its close, but I would give the edge to the Primalog. Until we see someone use it and compare the two that is the best way to see what human evidence shows. Besides that its hard to gauge two different formulas on paper and say which is better or how do they stack up. In the supp industry no two bodies always relate the same to experience and how well it truly works.


This stuff is no joke. I follow an Intermittent fasting routine of 18/6. I usually get 2 large meals in those 6 hours. Most carbs come after my workouts (meal 1) immediately following training. I take a dose of this before I eat. After using this product for a week, I am noticably more vascular, look more jacked. So crazy how quickly this product shows it’s effectiveness. Love this stuff. Can’t wait for the weeks ahead!


Are you taking the full 7 capsule dose?


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Yes. I am getting about 150 grams of carbs within those 6 hours, so I just followed the recommended 7 capsule dosage.


Awesome. Do you have a glucometer? I am starting to tinker with some of these and some blood work. No doubt some of these ingredients work. I am lower carb than you and need to see how far I can stretch things without going into crazy blood sugar land since I’m sensitive.


I do not have one. What kind of results/reading are you getting? I’m very interested!


So far, a single Outbreak Nutrition ADAPT capsule drops my fasted blood sugar ~10 points in 30 minutes. Pretty cool to see. Max dose of that product is 4 caps, lots of berberine in their formula.

So now I’m more comfortable using these knowing that they’re not TANKING my blood sugar, but seem to reliably reduce it. Just getting started with this project.


You should take your BG Multiple ways

Upon Waking (Baseline)
Prior to a meal (See what it is before meal)
— TAKE GDA ----
30/60/90 minutes after a meal —> See how fast your can baseline your BG after eating a meal

This is where its tricky because you will want to test with 25,50,75,100g of carbs and see truly how effective the GDA Is. As I have tested a lot on the market once you get to to the 50+G carb range I Saw some that did not do jack crap for my BG even with a very good formula (Slinmax for example) did next to nothing for baselining my BG. While on the other hand Slintensity (Evomose), Glycoshield (HPS), Predator (Chaos & Pain) were the top 3 to baseline my BG the fastest even with amounts that surpass 50-100g of carbs.

Make sure you keep messing around with times and carb amounts to really see how potent something is. Primalog I would put up there as a top 5 GDA behind those 3 I mentioned above


How do you guys feel about making your GDA by buying some of the more potent/popular ingredients on there own, and taking them in the same amounts as something like Primalog? Could it be more cost effective? Less convenient for sure, but is there something else to what the companies do that we could not?


I wouldnt like to mess around with that. Ill buy extra citrulline and take that with a stim-based pre workout such as Sidewalk Kraka. Love that combo. I add 6g+ of citrulline malate. Sick combo.

But I think the GDA’s on the market (some of them as mentioned above) are great formulas. I think it would be too much of a hassle to buy separately . Just my 2 cents.