Price Plow Swag

I was representing Price Plow at the gym today. Had a good workout too.


Need me some PricePlow swag! Looks like the store is down currently for artwork improvements though. Hopefully it’ll be back up soon!

Shoulders and arms look hyuuge!! (Wonder if they can make me a Large in the shoulder/chest but XXLarge in the stomach?)

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I can’t find my red priceplow shirt…I won it in one of their contests :frowning:

Thanks. I am trying. Its not as easy for an old man coming back from a rotator cuff surgery and bicep tendonitis.

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Keep working at it. Bicep tendonitis is terrible :frowning_face:

Yeah, mine is the distal end where the bicep attaches to my forearm. I had physical therapy on it. It helped a lot. I am about 80-90% better. I always ice it down after an arm day or heavy back day.

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Heyo!!! Lookin real good!!!

Yes, we have two places to get it:

  1. The amazon shirts at PricePlow | News, Reviews, & Prices at PricePlow
  2. The stuff @CJ setup at SquadLocker

I might have to invest in one of those Price Plow polo shirts and get name embroidered on it.