Postiing Limits & Photos

Postiing Limits & Photos


I was just curious. I was trying to reply to a post but it said I have reached my maximum number of replies for the day, to come back in 5 hours ? Why the limit ? Plus I was wondering about being able to post pictures in here. I think that would be a great feature on this forum. Forums I have been a part of always allowed photos. Just some suggestions. Thanks.


Ahh, a default setting for new users. Let me un-suck it for ya!!! Sorry, and thanks for posting. I’m definitely sending you a tub of something in our contest!

There’s a fear of getting spammed by new users, but right now everyone is a new user! Ha!

FYI, Default setting was here:

I think that’s fair in the long run, but I gotta lift that for now!

I also raised your user status, hopefully that helps.

Regarding images, there’s tons of ways to do it:

  1. In another site, right-click the image and click Copy Image then come here and paste it right into the editor with Ctrl-V

  2. Use the Upload button to upload it from another site: image

  3. Paste the URL of the image from another site (either by Right clicking it and saying Copy Image Location or by copying it from the URL bar up top if you’re looking just at the image)

On desktop, you can even drag other images in from another browser window!

Thanks a ton man, you’re really helping!


Awesome! Yeah, I was so ready for these forums. Been awhile since Ive been with a good forum. They can get quite addicting. Thanks for the tips and tub of product!


Got it! Congratulations on the forum guys!