Please suggest some Good sups to combat keto flu

Please suggest some Good sups to combat keto flu

As the title says. I’m getting bad headaches and out of left field my energy is super low.

paging @Mike

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Iodized Lo Salt. Hits potassium, sodium, and even iodine!


We are fanatics of isatis when we start to come down with something in our household. Like most immunity supps, they work better the sooner you start feeling shitty.
We grow our own, make tinctures, and order capsules for when we travel.

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Carnitine, preferably alcar, but any form should work.

Other then that mct oil and electrolytes.

OH FML. I didn’t see “keto” in the title.
I started keto immediately after shredding for a BB comp, which had me pretty fat adapted to start. I haven’t experienced keto flu, but keto “influencers” think it’s due to electrolyte imbalance from fluid loss or due to low blood sugar as your body starts to adapt to burning fat better.
Nonetheless, I supplement with Ultima and potassium citrate for electrolytes, especially when I’m doing a multi-day fast. Throw in a little salt, too…why not (but I have a hard time believing most folks need to add salt to their diets, even on keto).

My favorite Ultima flavors are Grape and Watermelon. Add a little citric acid to it to make it over the top.

Who the heck is Keto Flu? MMA fighter?


Right here.