PeakO2 vs. Beta Alanine

With credit to Stack3d where I first read about this:

I was just reading this as well and contemplated posting it, got an email about if from Compound. Interesting stuff

Mike McCanddless studied it non-stop and that is why he put it into Xtend Perform & Quake
He even researched it on endurance athlete at the University of North Carolina for a few years before formulating it into his products and in his bulk line of Primaforce. When you compare the two for endurnace and performance Peak 02 gets the edge for helping increase VO2 Max.

Some of his quotes
:Hasn’t been studied super long term. Results have continued upward, but we don’t know plateau point. 84g is the max dose that has been studied at this point. I personally take a ton of it. As much as I travel (over 120k miles this year already), I haven’t gotten sick in forever. The cardio benefits are obvious. I bounce around on dose, but get in at least 2g per day."

“Peak02 is a great ingredient. Results in 7 days, with continued results at 21. That’s at a 2 scoop dose. Doesn’t matter if you take the scoops together or not. It won’t cost the consumer anymore per serving compared to a 30 serve. It’s 44 servings for 50% more costs than a 30 serve. Anyone that tries it using 2 scoops a day will be impressed. Regardless of the type of training you’re doing. Shows both increase in power and endurance.”

“The study done on Peak02 used 4g per day for 21 days, 84g of material. Xtend Perform has 88g, hence the serving size.”

“Mushrooms have different status’s in different countries. Some we may not be able to sell into. It’s an additional cost, which some might not be willing to pay. We already face a ton of competition from people who dose at 30-40-50% our level to try and beat us on price point. There is one product that is on the market currently that claims 10g of amino’s and has BCAA written all over it, the formula has 1.2g of bcaa’s in it. Companies forget when they register in foreign countries, you can’t always prop blend. When you see the full label, it’s bad. I’m just trying to offer the most options possible. I know there may be a little resistance to it when it comes out. Once user feedback hits, it will totally change the market. I truly feel Peak02 is one of the most significant ingredients to come out in a long time.”

Peak02 Study:

PP Write up:

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I like Peak, it’s cheap for what you get. Primaforce has it on Amazon for usually around $12-16. I use it, need to finally pick up more.

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How would you compare Primaforce to Peak Physicor from MTS @TheSolution @Adidasshorts

$40 for MTS with just added Fenugeek and half the Peak02 dose vs $12 -16 for bulk peak02 at double the dose.
I would go with Bulk Peak02 in a heart beat.


You are a scholar and an athlete…makes sense to me

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Agree. Bulk is cheap. I just add to my pwo

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Does it have any taste?

Of course any bulk powder has a taste. It has a touch of an “Earthy” taste to it, but you can easily mask it with any pre/intra workout product out there. If you ever had Quake or Xtend Perform you can’t even taste it.

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Thank you both -

Is there any science behind the immune boosting effects, or is that anecdotal?

As someone with a suckass immune system who works in healthcare, I take help where I can get it.

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I would imagine the adaptogenic properties may help. I’m beginning to get a cold so I may use some and see how it goes

Would have to ask Mike McCandless. He was the one who studied it in full and really put it out there in the Scivation line before he sold it.

This would be an extra added benefit based on how much I travel…

(Side note: Ordered Primaforce PeakO2 via Amazon…really cheap)

Primaforce products are being blown out at Nutraplanet . Peak02 is $11 a jar.

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More or likely anecdotal however anything that increases oxygen uptake would have a benefit for the immune system by default.

They still have different MoAs (the article said as much), so it doesn’t have to one or the other; it’s not like citrulline vs arginine where citrulline does the same thing as arginine more effectively. They’re arguably both cheap enough to use together if you care about endurance, and would likely go well together actually. Just remember that with beta alanine, carnosine loading is actually increased when taking it with meals. Of course, if you like your pre-workout tingles, use your 1.6-3.2g PWO, but perhaps aim for 4.8-6.4/g/day by adding a serving or two with some meals. Plus this (taking it with food) can diminish the tingling if you don’t enjoy it.

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I’m the anti-CJ…I don’t mind the tingling…(that’s what she said)

Right now I take mango Xtend Perform with Cali gold DVST8 before my morning training. So i can get more Xtend perform on a deal or PeakO2 bulk to get the full daily loadout.

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