PeakO2 vs. Beta Alanine

I do Xtend Elite + Peak02 … Love that elite formula with a small upgrade over Perform. Plus the Sour Gummy Flavor is Fire.


I was grossed out by the comments of an Earthy flavor, and while that’s true, I find it totally inoffensive added to a creatine shake or PWO

Anyone else notice increased appetite? I notice it quite sharply

I mix it with other things as well and don’t notice the flavor

Never noticed that

Shocked that Mike would blow out his own company on his site but whatever, I’ll load up. I hope it’s not expired

Dennis owns nutraplanet and smart powders not mike

This. I’ve noticed that sometimes it doesn’t mix well with just a spoon in a glass if I add it after adding other powders, or taking it alone, but if I mix the powder with my other powders, like a pre or intra workout, before adding water, I can hardly tell it’s there.

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I have to admit… I’ve seen some improvements over the last 4 to 6 weeks. I’ve been conditioning to get my game legs back for an all day basketball tournament at the end of August. As winded or gassed as I might get during my sprinting drills, the tank doesn’t take as long to reload. It’s like that moment in The Matrix “You think that’s air you’re breathing now?.. Again!”

This is on a 2g dose per active day. I’m turning it up to 2x2g per day every day starting this week up to competition time.

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