Passion flower (passionflower) worthless?

I buy a lot of my supps from Bulksupplements. As a thank-you, they offered to let me sample any one item they sold on Amazon. I sifted through the 300-some items listed there, and passionflower caught my eye as an anti-anxiety and sleep aid.

I did some research on it, mostly blogs (don’t remember which ones), indicating that 300 mg is good for anxiety, and 1000 mg for sleep aid. I took as much as 3 g before bed and observed no effect.

Of course, I’ve have tried or am trying a plethora of nootropics with apparently no effect, either :laughing:.

Anyone else mess with this stuff?

(funny, I joked about the hard core sleep supps not including it because of the name, then I noticed that Knock the F*ck Out does have it, lol.)

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I’ve never had anxiety issues, so I haven’t tried it before, nor have I researched it, so there isn’t much I could tell you. As far as Knocked the F*ck Out, I’m pretty sure he just grabbed anything he could possibly find that aids sleep and threw it in, so it’s not exactly surprising.

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I’ve taken a thing or two with passionflower. No side effects, nothing I can remember. The research seemed decent when I was making our sleep aid guide way back

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Holy shit! How did I miss your sleep aid guide??? Excellent work, and thanks! I know this would be a bit of work, but would you consider breaking out the sections of the sleep aid guide into the Categories section? For example, when I click on passion flower, I’ll see your write-up above the product listings like you have with some other supps?

The PP Categories section is my first stop when I’m researching a new [to me] supp on the interwebs.


OH man, the blog is so much more up to date than the main site. Just so much to cover. Every time we do something on the blog I should link in from the main site though, because that guide was pretty strong.

The one area where I’ve changed is my stance on Phenibut… kinda. I still am cautious, but people who need something crazy may enjoy it. Just still want them to beware of addiction potential.

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Quick update. Since I have 100g of this stuff to go through, I’ve been just taking 1g 2x daily since Monday. I haven’t really noticed any effects in the morning nor in the evening…until last night. Yesterday afternoon was an extremely light workout (no real pump, no work capacity, no cardio). I took 1 g of passionflower as soon as I got home, and started to feel tired about 30 min later. So one of three things was going on:

  1. It works if there is no post workout “burn”
  2. It has to build up in the system to have an effect
  3. I was tired for some totally unrelated reason

Also worth noting that my BP has “plummeted” this week after it trending up all month (135/80 down to 120/70). Passionflower has been rumored to lower blood pressure. If it is, in fact, causing this drop in BP, I’m going to buy shit tons of this stuff. Should be interesting to see how my BP reacts when I run out.

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Curious how it went since then?

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Yeah, I’ll definitely post another update after I finish off the bag.

After that, I have something else for you to try: CBD Oil. I posted in your main thread to keep that one going since it’s so epic!

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