Optimum Nutrition Pro Pre - Thoughts?

Optimum Nutrition Pro Pre - Thoughts?

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Finally a good preworkout by one of the big 3 that I can bring on a plane.


@Christianmelon Did you not see the new Dymatize Pre WO that landed a few months ago?

Extremely well dosed on all accounts. Only thing that’s a bit short is the Betaine.


Ya, I did, I consider the big 3 to be bsn cellucor and ON, and I mainly just wanted to make that joke.

On that note glad they fixed the theacrine problem, even though it seems like it would be much easier to just put it and the other really bad tasting stimulants in a separate capsule and package that with their preworkouts.

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I actually asked the PricePlow Facebook about this a while back (typing style makes me think I got Mike :wink: ), if they thought that was a feasible option, and they shut it down pretty hard.

That said, the formulation here is pretty good (I’m a big fan of rhodiola in pre-s) and it’s landing remarkably cheap if I’m remembering right.

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Not familiar with that conversation, so maybe not? hmm…

Most users don’t want to take capsules and a powder. That’s annoying and things get lost / separated.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet, at least definitely for fat burners:

  • Guys like powders / drinks
  • Gals like pills

You’re afraid to bring ‘hardcore’ pre’s on a plane?? :open_mouth:


It’s an interesting formula, My main issues are with the 20 servings and its price, It needs another like 2 grams of stuff to go for the mega dosed 20 servings category.

The amount of adaptogens in it are the type of thing I would do if i was making a product with a shit ton of yombime in it, not for something with a only moderately heavy dose of caffine, but this is pretty clearly aimed at the new crowd.

Though the 20 servings thing needs to die.

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No, I’m afraid to bring C4 and N.O explode on a plane.

Mainly because I’m worried if someone ask about it I’ll make a joke that gives me a long reminder that the TSA does not have a sense of humor.

In the case of the hardcore ones smuggling questionably legal stimulants on a plane is also not something I would really want to risk :stuck_out_tongue:

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20 servings is 5x/week for a month.

Wasn’t it mostly multi-serving pres that started the servings increase?

I.e. 45 serving Jack3d (1-3 Scoops)


It makes sense, but I consider 30 servings to be the standard number of servings, so the change feels wrong to me, and while I like the trend toward higher doses, fewer servings for more money per serving is not my cup of tea.
I prefer moderately dosed products for under a $ per serving.


I prefer products that have effectively dosed ingredients in open formulas that are priced fairly to consumers in comparison to the cost of those ingredients. Qualifying that, number of servings is irrelevant.

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What’s your top 3 pre workouts @De_eB?


I fly all the time and have never had an issue…I usually check my bag and am looking forward to ‘Total War’ being in my suitcase.


I make my own most of the time.

I do like the PES approach with ergonine and prolific though, because it questions the paradigm of preworkouts and asks a fundamental question that most of the industry completely misses.

What is a preworkout supposed to be?

A preworkout should ideally consist entirely of ingredients that are of specific acute benefit to your workout context, and whose dosing is most effective before a workout.

This list of ingredients is a lot shorter than most people probably think, and there’s quite a few ingredients commonly present in preworkouts that pose one or more of several issues:

  • Prone to causing GI Distress
  • Better absorbed with other nutrients alongside a meal
  • More likely to end up being used for gluconeogenesis than muscle building
  • Just don’t have benefits that are not acute/timing related

Ingredients that do not directly contribute to your workout do not belong in your preworkout.


Great point. One of the first people I heard mention this (pause for effect) was Jim Stoppani…he referred to Pre-Jym as ‘nutrients needed for your workout’ which is an excellent point.

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@De_eB Exceptional points…and I agree with all accounts. Creatine, beta alanine, etc. don’t necessarily have to be included in a pre workout. They can be taken any time of day. I do wonder why Prolific includes the betaine pre workout when that could technically be taken anytime of day, and it’s already in Ergonine.

@SteelerBill13 As for Jim…his pre workout is loaded with all the the things @De_eB was saying DON’T belong in a pre workout…specifically half ass doses of creatine, beta alanine, betaine.


Just as an addendum, that’s not really to knock on all of the products that do have those ingredients.

Selling people on a 2 product solution is difficult, and if people are only going to buy one product, it having some extraneous stuff that would be optimal elsewhere, but does have benefits is fine.

It’s just unnecessary for me, and since I have the resources to do my own thing, I do :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks alright but an improvement for ON. Could do without a couple of things.


Shows how much I know.