NutraCharge Charged Amino

NutraCharge Charged Amino



The first ever product from NutraCharge is as mentioned, named Charged Amino, and features ingredients for energy, recovery, and hydration.Charged Amino is one supplement that can benefit anyone, and is sure to become a staple of your everyday regimen.


While it can be used as a pre workout, Charged Amino is most effective as an anytime energy supplement. With 100mg Caffeine per serving, Charged Amino is slightly more potent than a cup of coffee, but doesn’t include the crazy amount of stimulants that come packaged with most modern pre workouts. In addition, Charged Amino offers flexible dosing which allows you to find what works best for your goal and tolerance. The Caffeine in Charged Amino comes from natural sources such as green coffee bean and grean tea extract.


Recovery is the most important part of your workout. Without proper recovery, you are only achieving a fraction of the results that you could be from your hard work in the gym. Amino Acids are a great way to enhance your recovery by supplementing with them around your workout.

The most important Amino Acids to include in a recovery supplement are Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) as they cannot be produced by your body and must be taken in through diet or supplementation. Furthermore, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) are the most important of the EAA’s, primarily because of Leucine which is known as the anabolic trigger. Charged Amino’s leading ingredient is Lecuine in a 2:1:1 BCAA Blend (compare to Taurine as the leading ingredient in Amino Energy) and also includes 8 of the 9 EAA’s (only Tryptophan was left out).


Charged Amino is one of the only caffeinated Amino products to include electrolytes to help keep you hydrated. Electrolytes help you retain water and are lost through sweat when you exercise. Hydration is an important part of recovery, and without being properly hydrated your body cannot perform up to it’s potential.

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I tried this and loved it. The candy grape tastes like nerds candy. Currently using as a replacement for coffee and energy drinks. I love the fact that it has electrolytes as well which is something that Amino Energy doesn’t.


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Look at what I got in from Suppz!!



Smells good, tastes fantastic! This stuff is a winner, they nailed that peach mango candy for sure.

I haven’t had any comparable flavors of AmiNO Energy but this is better tasting than the mango Xtend Go. Less BCAAs of course.

Can easily be watered down a bunch. Small sips are better than big chugs, which brings too much flavor at 16oz. I consider that a good thing.


I’ve been taking 2 servings of this stuff in a quart of water first thing in the morning every day for the past few days (it arrived Thursday, I think?) and I absolutely adore it.

First off, it gets me chugging a lot of water as soon as I wake up, and has electrolytes on top of that. It’s no little-known secret that getting hydrated first thing in the AM is super important, since you just went 8+ hours with no water intake at all and probably got sweaty at some point to boot.

Secondly, while I hate water with morning-mouth, this stuff is absolutely delicious, better than even Xtend imo, who were my former Flavor Kings of the industry. I’m with @Robert in that blue-razz is typically a loathe of mine, but I’m also with him in that the “lemonade” half of the “blue razz lemonade” flavor makes a big difference in making it enjoyable. The peach-mango is, well, a really nice peach-mango, but the grape is far and above my winner. I’m always scared of grape-flavored supps, because while I love grape soda and candy, I’m always afraid they’ll be closer to grape Dimetapp, and I’m usually right. Not the fuckin’ case here at all, it’s fantastic.

Lastly, I’m usually short on time for breakfast, so breaking my fast with 10g of EAAs is a really nice way to go until I can get actual food into me, and the 200mg of caffeine immediately upon waking is just icing on the cake, gets me up and jumping outta bed by the time I’ve finished sipping down my quart. And unlike Off The Chain, which I didn’t like taking every single day due to the DMAA (DMAA tolerance builds like a bitch for me, I like saving it for when I need it), there’s nothing exotic in here, just smooth natural caff.

This got a lot more longwinded than I intended, and I may clean it up a bit and make it into its own Supp Review thread later, but point is, I adore this stuff and really appreciate you guys hooking me up, and wanted to bump your thread to get it more attention.


Not a BS amount either, especially if you’re low on potassium. I saw this and loved that.

Great post/review!!


This stuff looks solid. Reminds me of the optimum amino energy stuff.
I think this would be great to sip on all day in a gallon jug.


Welcome and great luck