NutraBio PRE - Blue Raspberry Greatness

NutraBio PRE - Blue Raspberry Greatness


Huuuuuuge thanks to @Extrabeef for the little NutraBio care package he had sent out.

This review will only be for the blue raspberry preworkout.

For starters - I’ve never had a NutraBio product of any sort. Sad but true. When the opportunity arose to try a potential new flavor of their PRE, I was very hopeful to get the opportunity to not only to test a flavor, but to finally try a NutraBio product.

All that aside, let’s get into the details. For those that don’t know the formula, here’s some potato pics.

To put it simply - this thing is LOADED. Wow… Another sad fact: I don’t think I’ve ever used such a complete formula for a pre… This made me very excited. I don’t think there’s a need to break down the panel, but that pump matrix alone gets me giddy. :smiley:


This image sums it up. In 12oz of water, you get a tasty, candy-like blue raspberry. With this volume of water, it makes the flavor not too sweet or sour, but JUST right. I soon learned from Extrabeef that mouth feel was also a part of this “beta” PRE in that NutraBio is trying to get their PRE to not be so thin tasting. I never thought of this being a thing, but that totally makes sense. With the 12oz of water, this almost has a syrupy, candy-like feel going down… It’s really quite good. I’d drink this daily if it were a BCAA.

It mixed overall really good and stayed pretty foamy throughout the 12oz. I didn’t mind the foam, but it’s worth pointing out I guess.

This is what really matters, right? I felt like I had limitless energy from PRE. The BA tingles kicked in almost immediately but went away before I knew it. Pumps were fantastic here. On the first day I used PRE, I believe I was warming up with some lat pulldowns, and I began to get numb to the point of pump pain… it was crazy because this doesn’t typically happen to me. Each muscle group I worked felt really tight and full, which felt awesome.

Back to the limitless energy - by the time the workout was over, I felt like I could’ve done a whole other round. I took PRE around 4:30PM, and my energy slowly started falling off around 9PM that night. No crash, just pure clean energy. I’d also say my strength felt about as good if not a touch better than usual as well. Overall this stuff straight up worked. I was really satisfied.

All in all, NutraBio’s PRE is a pre I will be looking for when I run out of others I have on hand. I feel like this is a great pre workout to have on hand if you want a pre that will fully benefit your workout. Everything you need is in the formula, so no need to stack a pump product really, or even creatine for that matter if you like that pre-workout.

A huge thanks again goes out to @Extrabeef! I don’t think a review was required here, but I felt it was the least I can do for this opportunity.

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Damn, what a review! Thanks for all the kind words @blongo804! Amazing job!


The profile on that amino is Fucking Nuts!! Holy shit. Its a BCAA/Ergogenic mixture. Damn Nutrabio ain’t playing games man

Nice write up and review sir.


It only has leucine, not the other BCAAs. But still, I agree with you. It almost has too much. Like, there’s not much you’d really need to stack with it, other than a more complete amino formula and I’d like some carnitine as well (preferably acetyl- in a pre, but tartrate is also nice).


Thanks a ton man! Only speaking the truth.

On another thought - my fiance should be over her sickness by her training session next Monday and I saved a scoop for her. I’ll be sure to post up her thoughts too. :slight_smile:


Carnitine doesn’t really aid too much even in research (mostly injectable). The oral stuff is pixie dusted as far as results go in the real world. Much better ingrediens out there that make a better difference for performance, endurnace, and recovery. Nutrabio really nailed the formula.

Leucine itself is all that is needed to help trigger MPS (especially once you hit the 3g threhold) as shown in layne norton’s MPS Research. So Nutrabio did good with what they designed. But some people may be scared at the scoop size and probably the cost (Don’t know it off the top of my head) one of those you get what you pay for products.


Fantastic review! And fully agreed! NutraBio’s steppin the flavors up bigly.

I’m scheduling a late-night share for this one on Facebook.

Regarding leucine… I’ll take any amount, any time, anywhere!! Yes 3g+ is best but even if it was 2g I’d not complain.


Got to try the sample of PRE Blue Razz today courtesy of @Mark_Glazier and @Extrabeef

BEST/STRONGEST flavored pre workout from NutraBio yet! I’m not a fan of blue razz products in general, that being said, this is a terrific flavoring job!

Video review to come!

NutraBio team…PINA COLADA pre workout next please!!!


I was literally just searching for anything I could add, and I only got two examples, which you just showed neither is necessary. That just shows my point (and yours) as to how complete the product is.

This may be true, but acetyl-carnitine has given me positive results as far as focus is concerned, but that’s primarily when I add my own to get bigger doses than most formulas will provide (3g or so). And even if there’s better stuff out there, carnitine tartrate can still improve recovery and performance, so, why not?

I also agree here, but there are other benefits using other aminos (or just protein) on top of leucine.

At the end of the day, an amazing formula, I might add a little to it personally, but still, not much. I’m for sure a fan.


Good review


Thank you, Mike! I’m glad you liked it. I’ll definitely be posting more reviews here. I have a few other review plans up my sleeves for the near future.


Thank you!


Great review buddy! Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Truly it was a great few sample scoops. My fiance should be trying this soon, probably Thursday. I’ll be updating the review when I get her thoughts. :slight_smile:


Awesome, looking forward to what she thinks. My wife has a different taste likeness than I do. But we agree on this one :smile: