NutraBio Naturals - PRE & Intra Blast - Reviews!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to post up my thoughts on the new NutraBio Natural line after receiving a small sample tub of 1 flavor PRE (Green Apple) and 1 flavor of Intra Blast (Sweet Tea). NutraBio was kind enough to send these to me on their dime, but this will still be an honest review of each.

Who doesn’t love a tub that says “Lab Sample” anyways?

We’ll start with the PRE because we all know its effects are incredible (see my original PRE review here!), but does the natural taste live up to its amazing effects? You bet it does! For what it is, a naturally flavored, SUPER dosed pre-workout, this stuff tastes great. It’s a very clean apple flavor that reminds me of a granny smith apple (as if I was biting into it) rather than a super sweet “green apple” jolly rancher like you may expect with a supplement using artificial flavoring. I enjoyed the flavor and would drink it daily if I needed to. Is it my favorite flavor? No, although I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if I purchased it blindly though, if that puts my thoughts into perspective.

Here’s a shot of the natty color:

The coloring looks very thick, and sliiightly more green in real life. I think my camera’s white balance was a little warm for the picture.

As for Intra Blast - again, a super dosed intra-workout/daily dose of BCAA/EAA’s, now with all natural flavoring - I liked this one, but it may not be a flavor I’d purchase. To me, it’s a bit too, let’s say, on the lemon-y side maybe? I suck at describing/distinguishing flavors, but I think that’s how I’d put it. This may be how “sweet tea” tastes though, so the flavoring is likely more spot on than I’m making it out to be. I really like “iced tea”, such as Nestle Iced Tea and was hoping it’d be flavored more in that realm. I suppose there’s a difference between sweet and iced teas though, which makes sense.

I wanted to get a picture of Intra Blast mixed up, but by the time the foam went away, I would be at the gym already. I’m still planning to get a picture of the natural coloring though since I still have a couple scoops left.

Mixability wise, there was no real concerns. The PRE had some powder at the end of the drink, likely from unmixed creatine if I had to guess. The Intra Blast I’m pretty sure was fully mixed nicely. Neither gave me any concerns.

I’ll add more to this review if I think of anything - as well as a picture of a mixed, unfoamy Intra Blast.

Huge thank you to NutraBio for the hookup. I really enjoy both of these, and have hopes that you’ll make a natural blue raspberry. I’ll be buying a tub of the original soon anyways… :slight_smile:


Great review man, and glad to hear that you enjoyed them both.

Green Apple is so good and really happy how it came out.
Sweet Tea is right on like you said…have you tried the regular Intra Blast Sweet Tea?


I will have to try the regular IB Sweet Tea when I need an intra restock, which is actually soon.