NUTRABIO - Mystery Beta Test Giveaway

NUTRABIO - Mystery Beta Test Giveaway



We have been in the lab creating something super special
and its a mystery right now…till the release :wink:

I need 5 Beta Testers

How to Enter:
Tell me what you think it is / what you would like it to be

18 years +
Post Count: 500+
Have to Post Pictures (good pictures) in review
High Quality Review are a MUST!


My guess is that it’s a poster…


I think (and am hoping) it’s a daily ergogenic. To my knowledge, NutraBio doesn’t have one, but I’ve been wishing for one for a while, I know Godfather Glazier would do us right


Liquid Carntine or CLA?


Or stim free natural energy RTD.


Don’t let the image fool you…beta test, not final product :wink:


So no tub with a powder. Something more solid perhaps. Bars, cookies, etc.


What I would like

  • daily ergogenic (since PES DC Ergonine)
  • greens formula
  • powdered joint complex


Looks like a RTD, but most likely an ergogenic

Edit: everyone is saying ergogenic , how about a GDA


I didn’t say, no tubs or powder


This list of 500+ posters has to be pretty small! @TheSolution is the default win.

I’d like to see almost the same stuff as The Solution also. Daily Ergo, more flavors of MRE


I think I have it figured out. It has to be the rest of @Kon_Rock t-shirt


Hahahaha :rofl::joy:!

That’s the winner right there :joy:!

Just messing, but that’s to funny!


Keep those guesses coming in, haven’t seen one close yet :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Based on what I don’t think exists in the NutaBio line yet:

-Formulated anabolic/test booster
-Formulated GDA
-Non-Stim fat burner/appetite control


Please be a NutraBio nootropic


I believe the Nootropic would provide you the opportunity to see inside the container…which I still believe is a Farrah Fawcett poster wrapped inside the other half of @Kon_Rock shirt


Keep those good ideas coming :slight_smile:


I’ll leave this here. Collab with BBcom.


Oh oh I got it…It’s definitely something from NutraBio! I can tell by the label.