NUTRABIO - Mystery Beta Test Giveaway

NUTRABIO - Mystery Beta Test Giveaway


Collab with

Creatine blend?


This was my legit next guess
something like a ghost size creatine blend with added performance/recovery ingredients.


I thought you’d have yours already but you’re seriously so far into PA that it won’t be delivered until tomorrow


Thanks for posting this here guys!

I’ll use this space to request Pumpkin Pie favored proteins for the month. Am a Muscle Matrix fan but know Classic Whey is the usual play with seasonal flavors.

Then maybe a white chocolate peppermint bark for December!


@Matt_Towson i see you don’t share your Ghost White chocolate mint with @Mike



Non stim thermo? Has that been guessed yet? :thinking:


Partner with, eh

Natty anabolic/mass gainer type thing


Who thinks they know it??? :wink:


It’s an EAA supp


Pumpkin Pie definitely back in the works after last year.

I ran off our conversation and requested peppermint mocha for december


That’s all???


Allow me…

It is a Pumpkin flavored EAA with a hint of peppermint that will come wrapped in a Farrah Fawcett poster and include the 2nd half of @Kon_Rock t-shirt. It will also be featured on a @TheSolution YouTube video as he prepares for the Baking Championship airing this Fall on the Cooking Channel.

After trying it @Mike and @Matt_Towson will provide a YouTube video review where Matt will claim that helps him live a Ghost like Lifestyle.


I’ve never had that flavor.


The GOAT post.


I dont think NutraBio has a proper Sleep/Recovery supplement yet?


You mean a all in one?

We have: ZMA, GABA, Melatonin.


Thank you Matt…I have my moments


You did not have snicker doodle or white chocolate mint from last year holiday flavors?



An EEA product for sure


Still waiting on your pic bro.