NutraBio Failed Again!

Well, after my leg workout this morning, I tried the sample of orange cream NutraBio whey. Again, not good. Is it terrible, no, is it good, no. It is very lackluster. I should of known because it didn’t even small of orange at all. Not sure if it was the sample or not but it clumped bad and did not mix well. I was once again disappointed. I know a lot of people here love NutraBio but I just can’t get behind their flavors. Not good. I really want to enjoy them but until they make something that is palatable, I will not buy their products, They need a new flavoring system and team real bad!!!
Again, I am not knocking the quality but the taste doesn’t match the quality. And with the technology out there and other companies that make good flavors, there are no more excuses. They need to improve on this.
If you want a good orange creamsicle flavor, get Dymatize ISO 100. Theirs is called orange dreamsicle. IT DESTROYS THIS NUTRABIO FLAVOR 10 FOLD! It mixes better, tastes much sweeter, has better orange and vanilla flavor and has that creamy feel and its an isolate!!! Hands down the best orange protein that I have tried. And the quality is just as good and its cheaper! Maybe they need to hire some of the flavoring team at Dymatize for awhile so they can learn how to make good flavors.

Sorry guys, I still love you but I can not get behind a product that has terrible flavor, no matter the quality. I am glad I had a sample because I would not be able to drink more of this.


Taste is pretty subjective but having watched the launch and the buzz around it, I think you’re in the minority here

I personally just don’t like orange as a whole, but thought it was accurate and pleasant…if you’re into the sort of thing.

I tried it and I will say that it is decent. It will not blow your socks off but it’s a good flavor and isn’t so strong that you might get bored of it. I will say that I have been cautious of some NutraBio products in the past just because it seems that they do a lot of undisclosed promotion deals with PricePlow. Theres nothing wrong with that at all, and I would do it if the money was there, but the skeptic in me has trouble buying in

Edit : I was wrong, PricePlow and NutraBio disclose their relationship publicly

we literally start off every video explaining that we have a business relationship, what isn’t disclosed?

My bad, I guess I haven’t watched a NutraBio video, maybe I have just seen the blog posts - that was just my impression. I’ll edit the comment to reflect that.

I thought it was pretty good :man_shrugging:t2:. Not something I’d go out of my way to buy but still enjoyable

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It is very subjective you are right but Dyamatize tastes SO much better. It’s not even close. You taste them side by side and I guarantee 100% of people will prefer the Dymatize taste. Its much more close to the real thing and drinkable. I know my opinion of their products is in the minority here but they lack good flavor, plain and simple. As I said, there are no excuses in not having good tasting products anymore. Again, I don’t doubt the quality but that isn’t enough nowadays.
If you want the best flavoring systems…You need to look at MTS Nutrition, Dymatize, Xtend, and even Primeval Labs protein. All quality products with good taste!


I mean, I’ve enjoyed multiple NutraBio flavor systems and I’ve not enjoyed some Dymatizes. So I disagree that it’s as black and white as you think

You tell me I need to look at brands that I know on a personal level and have in my closet…lol

They are hard to watch


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I enjoy most Nutrabio flavored products / but I haven’t tried a protein from the company that I enjoy. EAA, Intra Blast, PRE, all taste great to me…

I think I prefer stronger and sweeter tastes, so naturally I prefer other companies, as Nutrabio seems to be a bit more on the mild side.


Ditto, only the proteins have been bland for me as well. I’ve had to add stevia to any of the ones I’ve bought.


Exactly the same as I. Honestly, I just dump it and then make another shake. Lol.


Have to say, just tried mine for lunch, and wasn’t impressed either. The taste was good, but was definitely offset by the terrible mixability. Something about the protein was weird; lots of it stuck to the dry sides of the blender bottle when I poured it in, and it damn near refused to rinse out. Something about the protein just doesn’t like being near water.

Good flavor, shame the mixability was off. Never had a protein, NB or other, act like that. Genuinely think there may be something up with the batch

I have yet to try the orange but really like the maple pancake flavor

I haven’t tried the Orange flavor yet, but I can relate to being disappointed by NutraBio’s flavoring. Out of all the previous Classic Whey’s, Cake Batter is the only one I would consider “good”.

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Ok, so now I did just try my Orange sample. And I mostly agree with @Brawn, it’s not bad… but it’s rather lackluster.

I was hoping this would be a top-tier flavor – especially since it’s WPC – but unfortunately, I can’t justify paying for a full-size version.


Thank goodness for samples…LOL I know taste is subjective but when every flavor I have tried of theirs, does not taste good, its no longer subjective. It just means their flavoring system is not good.


I think you’re hammering NutraBio a bit too hard. Plenty of people love their whey protein and WPI - so it is very clearly a subjective preference for each individual.


People love ON protein still for flavor… :thinking:

To each their own, I don’t seriously give ppl shit over liking one brand, product or flavor over others.

Other than Redcon1 fuck them. :grin: