Nutrabio EAA Pure Dragonfruit Candy Review

Nutrabio EAA Pure Dragonfruit Candy Review

Nutrabio EAA Pure Dragonfruit Candy Review



Dragon Fruit Candy - Dragon Fruit is a fruit that does not have a lot of flavors if you ever ate one. Nutrabio found a way to take the fruity kiwi based flavor and enhance it with a candy tart aftertaste. The extra hint of sweetness really shines and provides the strength needed to make this flavor burst. The sweet and sour combination makes for a unique twist on an untypical flavor. In my opinion, it is not Nutrabio’s best, but I am very partial to Cherry Limeade.


I used 8 oz. of water and 1 scoop to mix EAA Pure. Usually, with a larger scoop size, there is a higher possibility of clumping and particles floating around after shaking. There was no foaming or issues with mixing the product. After 10 shakes this was totally dissolved. Nutrabio is very good with mixability across the board on all of their products.


Per Scoop:

~8.2g BCAA/EAA Blend

1.2g Taurine (Hydration/Electrolyte Balance, Regulates immune system & antioxidant function)

600mg L-Alanine (Recovery, Performance)

500mg Coconut Water Powder (Hydration)

50mg Astragin (Amino Acid/Ingredient Uptake)

Nutrabio is famous for transparent formulas. This is just another great product that has a very well dosed ingredient profile. This is EAA Energy without the caffeine/stimulant portion.


$29.99 for 30 Servings. For $1/Serving for a very well dosed EAA product. Factor in the cost per serving ratio and it is very competitive on the market. Nutrabio flavors very well and tells you every single ingredient and dose in the profile. That is what makes it well worth the money. The issue here is EAA Pure is for Brick & Mortar stores only, so unless you have a local carrier that has NB products in stock it will be hard to grab this item on their supplement line.

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You’re still crazy for letting your aminos sit in the fridge overnight! Some flavor systems don’t do well with that… but some blossom!

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If you train first thing in the morning it is nice to just wake up and grab your shaker and head to the gym. I have never had any flavor degrade a significant amount storing them that way.

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I recall someone had an issue with their NutraBio Pre blue raz when they did that. Vaguely recall something about a peanut butter flavor


I have done that with pre’s and amino’s for almost a decade. I have never had a product just go 180 on me. Now if I got a bad batch of a product and the flavoring was off. Different story.


I do that every night. I’ve never noticed a change in any flavor either personally. Probably varies product to product but never happened with anything I’ve taken

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Interesting. Maybe something with the spirulina in that product? Did you leave that the Blue Raz pre overnight at all? And, maybe it was because he didn’t refrigerate it, just left it out at room temp for awhile


I always mix and fridge if I store something overnight. Colder will usually yield a better/stronger tasting product compared to lukewarm or room temperature. I had 0 issues with the blue raz pre from Nutrabio when mixed that way.

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Yeah that was definitely weird. I’d say maybe the creatine had degraded, but in 45 minutes? Seems unlikely.

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This flavor intrigues me… Will try eventually!

Also, here’s how you have a cold pre/intra ready in the morning…

Fill a shaker(s) with water only, then add powder in before you head to the gym. Cold pre/intra, no worry of flavor degradation or ingredient degradation of sort. :slight_smile:


Never had an issue with flavor degradation ever, so I see no need to fix what aint broken.
Everyone can do as they please, has never led me wrong. Especially since I never let the drinks sit more then 8-12 hours.


Awesome review buddy, this flavor is amazing. My favorite one so far and will be coming to more of our products.

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I think the key to degradation is keeping it in the fridge. The Blue Razz one was left out a while